2010 Stock Picking Contest Results

by Mike Holman

At the beginning of the year I entered into a stock picking contest with some other bloggers, as I do every year. I decided to swing for the fences this year and I ended up missing the ball and cranking myself in the head with the bat. :)

I placed a bet against the price of gold.  I ended up not picking the right vehicle for my bet and it didn’t matter anyways, since gold ended up going up 50% this year.

Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 The Wild Investor 27.15
2 Where Does All My Money Go 26.56
3 Dividend Growth Investor 26.08
4 Zack Stocks 20.87
5 My Traders Journal 10.39
6 Million Dollar Journey 3.79
7 Intelligent Speculator -0.45
8 The Financial Blogger -1.64
9 Money Smarts -35.25

You can see all the detailed results over at First Million Dollar.

Tomorrow, I will be unveiling the winning stock picks for 2011 – so stay tuned!!

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