Will There Be a $250 Stimulus Check In 2013 For Social Security Recipients?

by Lance

The economy isn’t doing that great.  Sure, it’s improved marginally in the past year or so, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy for most retirees to get by.  High unemployment makes it hard to pick up that part time job to make ends meet and the price of things never seem to stop going up.

Getting a stimulus check from the government for $250 would likely be at the top of any Social Security recipient’s list of things they would like to happen this year.

However, it isn’t very likely to happen.

History of the $250 Social Security recipient stimulus check

In 2009, a $250 check was paid out to Social Security recipients which was supposed to make up for the fact that there was no cost of living raise for Social Security payments because of low inflation.

The Social Security cost of living raise for 2013 will be 1.7% which isn’t a big increase, but means that there won’t be any kind of stimulus check given out.


As to the question of ‘Will there be a $250 stimulus check for Social Security recipients?” – the answer is almost certainly no.

 Will there be a stimulus check in 2013?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2013 for SSI recipients?


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1 julian keys

please inform me about any kind of stimulus info also let me know if i can get any past years benefits be it that ive never applied for or recieved any kind of services or finnances. THANK YOU

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