$250 stimulus check in 2010 for Social Security Recipients

by Mike Holman

President Obama has recently announced that there will be a one-time $250 stimulus check in 2010 to recipients of Social Security.  This bonus check is part of of his ongoing effort to stimulate the economy out of recession.  Please note that Congress has yet to approve this bill.

[Edit – This check was supposed to have been paid out in the first quarter of 2010.  Given that the first quarter just ended and there is no check it looks like this issue is dead and there will be no $250 stimulus check in 2010.]

Who is eligible for the $250 stimulus check in 2010?

Anyone who is currently receiving Social Security (SS) payments will be eligible for the $250 check.  There are also some other groups who will receive this check including SSI and disabled veterans.

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for SSI recipients]

Will Social Security Payments Get Paid If US Defaults On Its Debt?

When will the $250 checks be paid out?

It is not known at this time when the payments will be made but it is likely that they will be paid in the first quarter of 2010 (ie before the end of March).

Is there any income limit for the $250 payment?

No, it doesn’t matter if you have other income or if you are working or not.  It doesn’t matter how much income you make – you will still get the check.

How much will this cost the government?

According to White house officials, the cost of all the stimulus checks will be $13 billion.  A large amount of money but don’t forget that the stimulus package for 2009 was almost $800 billion.

Borrow from Lending Club

Why is the government doing this?

The government is giving out this money in order to try to stimulate the economy.  Because of problems in the financial markets and housing markets over the last 2 years, there has been a slowdown in economic activity in America and many job losses.  By putting extra money into the economy it is hoped that the decline of the economy can be slowed down or even reversed.

Will there be a Social Security raise this year?

No, in fact part of the reason the $250 bonus check was created was to make up for the fact that there is no cost of living raise in Social Security payments this year.

Will it be a check or electronic payment?

The $250 should be given to you in the same format you currently receive your regular Social Security payment.  If you get your SS payment by check then the $250 will also be by check.  If you get your SS payment deposited in to your bank account then the $250 will also be deposited into your bank account.

More information on Social Security

Social Security provides the average retiree with a monthly check of about $1,150. The program provides 40 percent of all income received by elderly people in the United States; one in five older married couples and two in five older single people rely on it for at least 90 percent of their income.

Will there be a stimulus check in 2011?

Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

$250 stimulus check – should it be more?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for Social Security Recipients?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for SSI Recipients?

2011 Social Security No Cost of living adjustment

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501 clarcie brown

hi folks, i found a new site called the disability digest it is free to join. a free membership can help folks weave through the maze of disability issues, and much more. the site is http://www.thedisabilitydigest.com if any of you deciide to join please let them know that i sent you. thanks –clarcie brown. clairebrown@embarqmail.com

502 Kathleen CA


I don’t usually post here, but I saw your post and it caught my eye.
I don’t understand why you can’t draw on your husband’s SS. Did he re-marry? Or did you?

I recently married someone from my past. When we went to SS to let them know we were married, he pacifically made it clear that he did not
want his ex to receive his benefits if somethng was to happen to him. The gal told him not to wory that it would not got to her, but to me when I became old enough to collect SS. I have never felt secure about what she said. even tho she re-stated this two times to him.

He was married to her for many years. He divorced her before we had meant back in the 80’s they had been married almost ten years but not quite. He then remarried her in 1998 then devorced her in 2005. We then re-newed our old relationship and ended up getting married.

Like you I spent most of my younger years tending bar and didn’t have to report tips. Then later I started doing private duty nursing and filed a 1099, but never had SS taken out, didn’t know I could until someone jsut told me recently I could have. Day late many dollars short.

I am just curious as to why you can’t get ex’s SS. You don’t have to be married ten year’s. There are even situation’s where his past wife and later wife can both draw on his SS, particulary if either of you ever had children together. Is he still alive? If so was there any agreement’s re his retirement when or if you were divorced?

I have friend’s who were married a short time but spouse past away and when they reached retirement age they started drawing on deceased husand’s SS as their’s was less and his was more. One gal’s husband had been deceased for over twenty years, she just never remarried.

503 connie

2010 stimulus checks for social security receipients
My aunt is receiving social security and she wants to know if when will the stimulus checks will be issued.

Why people that is not on social security is not receiving stimulus checks ? I’m unemployed and is going to school and looking for employment . We need help !

504 Bonnie

Currently at this time there is no 2010 Stimulus Check.

President Obama has recently gone to Congress to get them to approve a bill that will allow those on Social Security and Veterans to receive a $250 check similar to that of the 2009 Stimulus Check. At this time there is no official word on when or if these stimulus checks will go out. However it is likely that these checks will go out late spring / early summer in 2010 if and when they do happen

505 Tom

I think it might pass this time around, but, do not quote me. Hopefully some these politicians have received the message that has been spread around come re-election time. Hopefully Obama will stand his ground too and fight for us, but that is another story I guess.
For those who are still wondering about the checks, read up on the issue, or watch the news, catch the blogs on the issue too. Enough of coming and asking where your check here. Come on, your old enough to do something on your own now.

506 James E. Lyons

2 the social security…i thought those who gettin’ medicare part D…WAS GOIN’ 2 GET A REBATE check of 1 time $250.00…for us on medicare D that gettin extra helped…for medicare D…give me a break…what goin’ on! sent me a check!

507 sheryl


we do not get a increase in our ss checks .they said the cost of living did not go up they are nuts ever time you go to the store it goes up .I think the bills go up to.

508 Valorie Baker

To all SS people I received myAARP newsletter today and report on the 2010
Stimulus check is they trying to pass the
bill for checks with current Unemployment bill now before the Senate
So there is still hope.
This is not the Medicare Donut checks.
They did say it was for everyone whose
check was frozen in January 2010.
So let’s wait to see…….

509 Valorie Baker

To James E. Lyons
From:Valorie Baker
Are you James E. Lyons from T______,Texas? Wife’s maiden starts with
If not,sorry.If you are I’m a classmate.

510 Lynda

THERE WILL BE NO STIMULUS CHECK IN 2010. The Stimulus checks were attached to a bill which would have extended unemployment benefits.. and that bill was voted down by both House & Senate. (Don’t I wish they could live in MY shoes for a few months!! It would get voted in IMMEDIATELY!)

Also.. Kathleen? You have to be married for ten years to draw from your spouse’s SS. Period. Unless they die young. My ex has remarried a couple of times, although I never did. And yes, we have children together (and he is a multimillionaire, but never paid ONE DIME in child support. And I could never do much about it since I never went on Welfare. It’s so terribly ugly in our country right now. The rich get richer and the poor are forgotten, as are the senior citizens who built up this country for those who are wealthy. What a shame.

511 Kathhleen CA

Lynda re deceased spouse SS, go to the SS site it is stated there if you were presently married to your spouse at least 9 months at time of death you can collect from his SS if it is higher than yours. If you are between 50 and 60 and on SSD and did not re- marry.
you can collect at that time. Also if you had a child or adopted one you are entitled too.

Just google the question all have the same answer. It’s the exact same thing SS told us when we went there after we were married.

You may want to go back to SS and see if you qualify. As long as your amount does not exceed his.

I have a good friend whose husband died shortly after they were married and when she reached 62 she took his SS as it was higher then hers. She thought the same thing you are saying till a good friend told her that she could get his SS, And she is.

Did he pay into SS? Some don’t do to different forms of income. If he didn’t then he would have nothing coming. if he was rich through ownership of a company etc he may have never paid into it.

512 Tom

Dear Lynda:

You hit the nail right on the head with your post. I am disabled myself and although I am living in New York State ( a nice place to visit, but you couldn’t afford to live here) one of the worst states if not a politician. Our taxes are sky high and they are still trying to cut a state budget which only like 90 days over due. The one catch is though the politicians don’t get paid until the Budget is in place. I know New Yorkers are getting very fed up the New York Politicians every day of every week. And now, another blow is the stimulus check we are not getting.

But as an individual I can promise you thing, I will not vote for these low life scum bags ever. They do not deserve the dirt off the bottom of my boot. The excuse for the non existent Stimulus Check, 1) cost of living didn’t go up according to them. (BS) 2) The unemployment extension did not go through either. Maybe they lets screw another group of people the unemployed too.

Little by little the politicians are turning their backs on the people who put them in office. Now by them screwing us this way, they do not realize they have given us the power of the vote. That is only if our vote does really count. After the 2000 Presidential election I still have my doubts, some may agree some may not. But I look at that election has a farce, if these people can cover up JFK assassination, covering up an election would be a walk in the park.

Back to my point about the power of the vote. Now we can vote these bozo’s out of office and hopefully put someone in there who actually cares. Another we need to do voice our opinions to these bozo’s and let them we have to power and we will use it too. People the time is now, lets take full advantage of it, and use it to our benefit for once. Also lets flood our Congressman’s office with emails on how they screwed us. If you don’t move now, then don’t whine later!

513 shayla

i think thats its bs that we are not getting an increase on our checks and not even a small check that could help us catch up on bills. being a single mom on ssi its hard but obama does not understand what we as lower class go through some kind of president we have.

514 sheila

i would like to see them get by on a ss check.i worked hard and paid my taxes and did everything i was suppose to do.now they dont even care about the people who have built this country.now since they have made it so easy for people to take our childrens jobs and their childrens jobs its a scarey place.



516 mary

I like to no why the congress can’t sign the bill he no that the cost of living is up. and he also no that we having got araise on our checks we need the 250.00 because our children will be starting school soon and they need clothes. shoes .papper, pencil, and everythings else so how we going to sent our children to school. and they said they gave a extension on unemplyment but no one have receive a check yet they said they going back from april or may but no one got that .and presdient obama said that we will receive a 250.00 check but we don’t see that also is there anyone cares about us please tell me what going on

517 Tom

Dear Mary:

One thing you can do and that is: this site will not give you answers to your questions. Your Congressman as the answers or more excuses about the Stimulus Check we never received. People on here should do the same instead of what they’re doing now. Write your Congressman, flood his office with letters, emails and questions. Then when you go down to vote, remember who voted down the stimulus check you need so bad.
That is the only way you may be able to get answers Mary. This site has become a crying board instead of informational site. People need to watch the news, read articles on the internet, call the Social Security Office, flood them with questions too. Good Luck

518 pamela

I have been reading the comments that people are making and I am even more disappointed in the government. I have remarried for 5 1/2 years now, he makes good money, he retired once but we decided we wanted our own home (manufactured home) so he went back to work full-time, that was a mistake, we had to pay back SS over $9000 because he made too much, but we couldn’t make it with the new home on just his SS and mine. Financially I don’t need it, thank God, but if we deserve it being retired or disabled we should get it. I made a comment a few weeks ago, why bother to have a president, when Congress and Senate make all the final decisions. The poor people in the Gulf that have lost everything and all BP is worried about is their regatta and getting their lives back. Why should they drill off our land, try doing it on their turf. I am so sorry, as an American, for everyone out there that are in the “low income group” it isn’t fair for the rich to get richer and get their big bonuses and they say nothing can be done to get any back after getting a bailout. Bull. Good luck to everyone, I say a prayer every night for everyone that has commented on this site and I don’t feel sorry for the well to do, they are the only one’s who profit from this recession.

519 Tom

I strongly agree with Pamela on the point why bother with the President, basically he is nothing more than a puppet on the strings of Congress & the Senate.
And if you a low income family, well again you are on the end of list to get anything really. I’m waiting to see if the people from the oil spill disaster get what they are promised. Look what they did when Katrina went through, really not enough in my eyes. But I am a low income individual, and my word doesn’t count.
All I can do is hope for a brighter day and more intelligent people in politics, but that is like a wish that will come true. Why you may ask, well remember our four fathers and the little piece of wording they put in the Constitution ” Government for the people, by the people” well what ever happen to that ? People think about that, these politicians have made their own rules according to them, by them.
But there is a catch to all this, they have to live with their decisions and sleep with their decisions. Because someday they will have to pay
for their decisions when they answer to the man upstairs. Hopefully I will be at the front gate waiting for them, I’ll have to tax them accordingly!

520 Ron

I voted for the bunch who are in the White House at present. They never gave the SS increase this year because of some bunch of crap they made up. How come all the Government employees got an increase.
I will be glade when the next election rolls around, I sure will not vote for this bunch.
Don’t we have any decent people to run for office anymore???
I guess they feel we, the old people, do not need any more money, we will die soon and they can keep it all.
Wait till next election!!!!! Some of us will still be around!!

521 Tom

Well, finally someone else who has the same idea I do. ” DO NOT VOTE FOR THE SCHMUCKS WHO STABBED YOU IN BACK” Glad to see you are on board Ron, welcome.

I’ve noticed this has just turned into a sounding board for the missing Stimulus Check. But we can use has a tool to be heard if we do it right. Millions of people have been stabbed in the back my their loyal politicians when it came time for a lousy $250 check. Well now we can spread the word ” DO NOT FOR THE ONES WHO VOTED DOWN THE STIMULUS CHECK” We have to get the word out, word of mouth, friends, & family, emails, phone calls . Whatever it takes to get the word out, do it now. Let them see we are not that easy to push around and be forgotten about. We have paved and created the way for which they walk the path . And remember something else that has been forgotten and thrown along the wayside as well. ” THE GOVERNMENT, FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE” What ever happen to that, seems the politicians have gave it a new look. ” THE GOVERNMENT, FOR THEMSELVES, BY THEMSELVES”

522 Tom

Well Well Vicki:

I do not get help paying for my prescriptions, nor did I hit any gap. So, seeing you have some of the answers. Tell me this, when am I going to get my lousy $250.00 stimulus check? Is it in the mail?

523 carolyn carter

when i filed my w2 and i didnt know i was going to have to pay the stimulus money back they took it back out of my income tax and that was wrong gave me the money and then i payed it back like it was a loan we should have been told had to pay it back no more they can keep it i work and cannot get ahead $16.00 in food stamps and the goverment lives good i work at walmart $8.50hr.and i make too much to get anymoe 4days a week i eat out of the dollar store. i live alone dont have any help i live in poverty

524 carolyn carter

when i filed my w2 and i didnt know i was going to have to pay the stimulus money back they took it back out of my income tax and that was wrong gave me the money and then i payed it back like it was a loan we should have been told we had to pay it back no more they can keep it i work and cannot get ahead $16.00 in food stamps and the goverment lives good i work at walmart $8.50hr.and i make too much to get anymoe 4days a week i eat out of the dollar store. i live alone dont have any help i live in poverty

525 John

We gotta get this check.

526 Sandra Park

I have recieved SSI for several years. I have NEVER recieved a stimulus check of any kind. Is there a reason why?

527 Jamie Keaton

Hey people, go to “theepochtimes.com” there it will explain how Obama is pushing for us to get the 250 stimulus once again. Lets hope congress approves it this time! We just might get it after all.

528 CarolO

There will be no stimulus in 2010. The vote was 47 yea’s – 50 nay’s. The ONLY Republican who voted for it was Snowe R-ME and one Independent, Sanders I-VT.
You may want to remember your Senators at voting time?

529 Jamie Keaton

As of October 16, 2010. Because of the fact that we will NOT be getting a COLA in 2011, Obama is pushing ANOTHER vote from Congress to approve the 250 stimulus. I know that before it was denied by congress 47 to 50. This is a NEW vote to approve this. It was announced on the news.

530 Jamie Keaton

Ok, heres the full internet address that explains the new vote on the stimulus.

531 Ellen Chapman

I am Writing about the $250. 00 check some seniors have received for their medicine. I haven;t received a check yet. Does all seniors receive one? Please let me know . Ellen Chapman I have friends that has received a check. Just wondering why some is entitled to it& others is;nt. Ellen

532 andy

It seems that a 2011 payment is almost guaranteed with the lack of COLA adjustment again this year and voter angst during midterm elections.

533 jean

I don’t no why they are lie they said yes and they are saying no. that not fair they are not looking at they have people that are on ss are ssi,vet ,retire they are hurting them to . we do need help and they don’t care but they want us to vote they can sent the ones in prison and the ones that are dead a checks for $250.00 but can’t sent us the $250.00 what u think about that.

534 anglea

I through that our President was over everyone in the white house well i see he much not be. Because we having got a raise in three or four years and they said that the cost of living is not up i just they don’t have to go got to pay there bills or buy food because they maid and butcher to do everything for them they have there wife and children hair dresser to come to they madison to fix there hair why we can’t hardiy eat or pay our bills and they said that the cost of living is not up and they no that alabama is the lows paying city they need to tell the ture and stop lair.

535 Troy

Anglea, that has to be the worst worded post I have ever read. Maybe re-read what you wrote and try again. I have no idea what you just tried to relay to us.

536 Brenda Grimes

One of our biggest mistake is thinking that there is nothing ,we can do about it ,we as voters , has the right to vote these people out of the White House.The Democrats is not the problem,every time they try to push a bill threw, for lower income people,The repulicain shoot it down….instead of complaining we need to start taking patention.writing the White our congressmen,going to our T V station as a country….we all need to pull together as a team…..we can not pay our bill,can”t eat. We have no money to even buy our kids items they need to paticipate in school project,,,,, They all this money going to other countries and we losing our houses, can”t find jobs, This is riddiculous these are people we voted in the White House and W e have the power to vote them out…… Our vote count……..

537 liz

does anyone know if the stimulas bill got passed after the election? we all need our checks to help our families get by with month to month!!!! please help the poor people not the rich this time!!!!!!!!!!!

538 Paricia Houston

I have not heard one way or another whether Congress has yet voted on the $250.00 stimulus rebate for people on ssi and disability,The only bit of news that I have heard is that they may not extend unemployment benefits again at the end of November, or December . How can Congress and the Senate as well as President Obama,say that the economy is better that a lie from the pits of hell most Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck,just about to lose their homes,cars, and their minds wondering how we’re going to make end meet. The crime rate is up you are scared to go out and halfway scared to be at home because they’re breaking into your homes while you sleep.Where has the compassion gone for your fellow man.The big boys that run the Congress and Senate are only concerned about themseleves and their immeidate family they really don’t give a darn about the little people, whom this nation was founded upon many years ago. However, we have a voice and our voice will and must be heard and the way we must do that is to write our Congress and Senators in your home state and let them kmow in no uncertain terms that we are very unhappy, and at election time vote their sorry behinds out of office, but until them please continue to be prayerful and stay strong for God surley has something much better in store for his people, and he will not continue to let his children suffer.My Grand ma had a saying that she use to say to me and my sister and it goes” WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND,you can’t continue to beat a dog sooner or later that god is going to bite you.There day will surely come just have and keep the faith. “HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING”

539 Cheryl T

I saw on the web that congress was gonna meet today , Monday to vote on the 250.00 stimulous bill.,They said the check will go right out there after.,I hope it does to.

540 annonymous

Go to CNN Money.com. they said democrats are suppose to meet at the whitehouse today to vote on the stimulous check.

541 shannon jacobs

why do they play games with us an we need the money the most from beening disabled because we are stuffering more then just money problems.for those who believe in god we are healed by his stripes.AMEN

542 Debby

I hear the congress was supposed to vote on a stimulus for ss and ssi. I think it should be passed because I dont know who is saying the cost of living hasent went up, it looks to me that every week the cost of everything is going up. If you were to figure it up , it would be an average of $20. a month, so in my opinion and I know everyone that is having to live on ss or ssi from month to month would say that $250 is not gonna break the government. After all we paid our dues, it is already money that we paid while we were working, and the government borrowed it all out, I am sorry we deserve what we already paid into

543 Robin

I found this so far. Don’t know if it helps. It looks like they havent voted on it yet.

544 Troy

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank announced Thursday he has secured a commitment from the Democratic leadership to bring to the floor of the House of Representatives legislation that would provide a $250 payment to Social Security recipients.

Friday, December 3, 2010 2:01 AM EST – Sun Chronicle

545 sonja brannen




547 sonja brannen

I hate when people run their beek and they dont know what they are talking about. Type in H.R.3557 and it will tell u that its n early stages. govtrack will tell you all about it.

548 holiday hopeful

This is copied from the website govtrack and you are some what right,if you look a last action date was a while ago.
This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Introduced bills and resolutions first go to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before they go to general debate. The majority of bills and resolutions never make it out of committee. [Last Updated: Jun 27, 2010 11:19AM]
Last Action: Sep 14, 2009: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

549 sonja brannen

I need that money just as bad as yall need it. It will get here in all due time. My son dont have that much and with them cutting food stamps isnt easy either….



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