$250 Stimulus Check in 2011 for SSI Recipients

by Lance

SSI recipients are asking the question – Will there be another $250 stimulus check in 2011?

The government has not said anything about a $250 stimulus check for SSI recipients at this point in time. In 2009 however, SSI recipients were mailed a $250 check, so there is a precedent.

In late 2009, President Obama suggested sending another $250 check in for 2010 which never happened. The cost of living increase for SSI is zero in 2011, so it is not unfeasible that the idea of a stimulus check could arise again.

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2013 for SSI recipients?

SSI cost-of-living increase for 2011

The will be no cost of living increase for SSI recipients in 2011. According to the government, inflation is close to zero so no SSI raise will be given.

Should I count on receiving a $250 stimulus check

No – the government hasn’t said a word, which means there is a good chance there will be no check forthcoming.

History of stimulus checks for SSI recipients

2009 - Government paid out a $250 stimulus check to all SSI recipients as part of the general stimulus package of 2008.

2010 - SSI cost-of-living increase was 0%. Since inflation was close to zero – no need for a cost-of-living increase. Another check for $250 was proposed by President Obama in Fall of 2009, but it was never sent.

The potential 2010 SSI $250 check was voted down by the Senate.

SSI information

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income.

SSI government information

If you wish to look at the SSA (Social Security Administration) website then please go to

  • www.ssa.gov for the main SSA page.
  • www.ssa.gov/ssi/ for the SSI section.
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