8 Frugal And Cheap Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

by Mike Holman

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and if you are anything like me then you are probably wondering what to get her and how to get it without spending too much money. I’ve come up with a few suggestions – keep in mind this list is intended more for Mom as in your mom, not the mother of your kids – although most of the items can be applied in either case.

  1. Visit her or phone her if the distance is too great. All Moms love to hear from their kids so make it happen.
  2. Make a Mother’s Day card complete with photos and some description of your recent activities.
  3. If you are really feeling retro then write an actual snail mail letter (with photos).
  4. Candies – yes, these cost money but don’t buy a huge box of specialty chocolate. Go small, go cheap and she will like it just as much.
  5. Flowers – this is another one where you can spend a lot of money but don’t have to. If there are flowers in bloom in your garden (or your neighbours) then pick them and use for the gift.
  6. Treat her to dinner – either invite her over for a frugal meal at your house or prepare some food and bring it to her house. Either way she will be thrilled.
  7. Do some chores – mow the lawn, weed the garden, wash the car, do some home repairs for her – all these actions will be greatly appreciated and will be worth a lot to her.
  8. Listen to her – let’s face it a lot of us don’t really listen to our parents so for a change of pace ask your mom to tell you some things about her past. This could end up being one of the more painful gifts you ever give, but hey, it’s not your day right? :)

There you have it – any other suggestions for frugal and cheap ways for a Mother’s Day gift?

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