Best Stock Picks For 2010 Competition Q1 Update – I Demand A Recount!

by Mike Holman

At the beginning of the year I entered in a stock picking competition with some other bloggers.  As I outlined in my original 2010 stock pick post I bet the house on the price of gold falling.  Well, it hasn’t fallen and as was pointed out in the comments of the original post, I didn’t even really pick the right investment instruments to reflect my bet.

Oh well – it’s just for fun.  :)  (At least I’m ahead of Frugal Trader).

1. Dividend Growth Investor: +9.58%

2. Wild Investor: +9.30%

3. My Trader’s Journal: +5.78%

4. WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo: +5.24%

5. The Financial Blogger: +2.87%

6. ZachStocks: +2.55%

7. Four Pillars: -1.01%

8. Intelligent Speculator: -1.27%

9. Million Dollar Journey: -11.83%

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