Big Announcement

by Mr. Cheap

The idea has been discussed a few times in the past, but a bunch of us finally got the ball rolling and set up a few conference calls to discuss it more seriously. Four Pillars and other Canadian Personal Finance blog are going to join forces!

The resulting site will look something like a newspaper, where each of the former individual blogs makes up a column. We’re going to set up collaborative filtering (like Findory if you ever used it), so the site will use each reader’s individual history of clicking on posts to determine the layout. E.g. if you like debt reduction blogs, then the specific writers you like and other debt reductions blogs will be given more prominent placement. Of course there will always be a random “injection” from other blogs that you haven’t read before to expose readers to new blogs and ideas (which is the whole point of this idea).

Each “column” will have its own RSS feed (and direct link), so if you want to bypass the main page and just keep reading your favourites, that’ll be easily possible too.

Part of what swayed some of our fellow bloggers was how well Mike and I have been able to join our blogs together, so the rest of the crew offered to let us “break the story”. Expect to see announcements on most other Canadian PF blogs later today and throughout this week.

One of the sticking points (and the reason for so many drawn out conference calls – sigh) was figuring out what a good name would be. Our current working title (complements of Mrs. Pillars – she’s great with names!) is “Canadian DreamQuest for Four Thickening Capitalists on a Million Dollar Journey in a Garden of Pillars of Guinness Clawing Their Way Through a Financial Jungle With a Foxy Squawker, Larry the Wealthy Canadian and the Middle Class Millionaire Using a Financial Wallet full of Financial DIY Looking for Growth in Value and Wondering Where all the Money Went In Canadian Mortgage Trends in the 416“. We’re hoping that something catchier may present itself before we go live (or soon after so a rebranding isn’t TOO painful). Please feel free to make any other name suggestions here or in the announcements that should soon be appearing on other Canadian PF blogs.

Wish us luck, this is going to be great!!!

Late breaking news

We’ve just recently completed a deal which would mean that Bill Gates will be doing monthly guest posts on the new blog so watch for that!

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