Blogger Meetup, Top Referrers and LinkStuff For June 15

by Mike Holman

Saturday night I had the pleasure of meeting Preet from Where Does All My Money Go –  he and Mr. Cheap came over for some Thai food and a few beers.  It was a lot of fun and hopefully we’ll do it again soon.

Top referrers and stats

May was a pretty big month for this site – over 100,000 unique visitors and over 200,000 pageviews.  Unfortunately those numbers probably won’t happen again for a while but it is still pretty good.

Top referrers for May

The Best Links

The Weakonomist had a pretty good post about universal health care in the United States.

Canadian Capitalist had an interesting post on safe deposit boxes – both the type you rent and the type you have in your house.  They are not as safe as I thought they were.

The rest of the links

Million Dollar Journey compares some high end chequing accounts.

Preet from is competing on the W network – check out the schedule and watch.

Financial Blogger had a meeting with a portfolio manager.

The Dividend Guy shares Knight Kiplinger’s investors manifesto.

Good Financial Cents explains what happens to your pension if the company goes bankrupt.

The Intelligent Speculator wonders if Microsoft is about to go bankrupt.

The Credit Toolbox shows us ways to protect yourself against identify theft.

Investing School gives us a great inflation indicator.

ABCs of Investing wrote about safe withdrawal rates for retirement accounts – the 4% rule.


Bankruptcy and Debt Carnival

Festival of Stocks

Festival of Frugality

1031 Exchange Carnival

Money Hacks Carnival

Carnival of Wealth, Money and Life

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Congrats on the big month and thanks for the mention!

2 guinness416

Something wrong with your link to CCapitalist, FYI.

3 Canadian Capitalist

Wow, those are impressive traffic numbers. BTW, the link to the safe deposit box post should be:

Thanks for pointing it out, Guinness416!

4 Kyle

100k visits is nice! Is that mostly stimulus traffic still?

5 the weakonomist

Who’s the best? For this week it’s this guy <———

Thanks for the link Mike.

6 Mike

Thanks everyone – my capable assistant fixed the CC link – sorry about that error.


Those are a great numbers. Congrats.

I got a kick out of Kyle using the term “stimulus traffic.” Apparently the government is handing out website traffic as well as cash!

8 Four Pillars

CPS – haha, thanks.

I thought the traffic was because of the brilliant writing of Mr. cheap and I but you’re right – it’s just a handout. 🙂

9 Steve Zussino

Very impressive traffic numbers. I think your blog does well because it covers a lot of different areas (personal finance, investing, savings).

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