Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)

by Mike Holman

Another government program that is available for parents in Canada is called the Canada Child Tax Benefit. This particular benefit is one of the few income-tested programs that actually has reasonable income limits so you can be fairly middle class and still get some cash out of this.


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Eligibility for CCTB

  • Child must be under 18 years of age.
  • Primary caregiver must be a Canadian resident.
  • You must live with the child.
  • Family net income must be less than approximately $102,000. Keep in mind that net income is AFTER any deductions such as RRSP contributions.
  • Check out the government of Canada website for more information.

How to apply for the CCTB

The form for this benefit is called Form RC66 – Canada Child Benefits Application and can be downloaded from or call 1-800-959-2221. Keep in mind that this application is the same one as for the UCCB (Universal child care benefit) so you only have to fill out this form once for both benefits.

Do I need proof of income to apply for the CCTB?

No you don’t. However the exception is if one of the parents became a new resident or returned as a resident of Canada in the last 2 years – or if you became a Canadian citizen in the last 12 months.

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Do I need proof of birth to apply for the CCTB?

No, unless the child was born outside of Canada or was born in Canada and is one year of age or older.

How much will I get from CCTB?

Check out the CRA’s online calculator to find out how much your benefit will be. The benefit is a sliding scale so the more net family income you have, the smaller the benefit will be.


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1 Graham S. PorterHill

This is the present situation with me and my child, daughter. She has turned 18 this year, she is enrolled in highschool, NorthPark Collegiate, Brantford, Ontario. Today is her first day, she is picked up for school by Lillian Miller Transportation each school day and returned. As I said she has turned 18 this year and its time for her to go on her own disability pension, she is in my custody, and I’m a recipient of a disabilty pension as well. You will find that when bring up my file that she has been with me for years, as she needs constant, uninterupted caring for aon a daily basis, geared to her schedules. So far she is included in my monthly pension allottment. She has her own bank account set up for the transfer. What has to happen for her to be put on her own or does she remain on my pension list with myself? I have not filed an income tax claim, yet. I have to find out what has to happen first. I wish to have the opportunity reserved to be able to say, no, if the house hold income is decreased because of the update. Ihave credit card obligations that has to be paid. Because of the lack of funding available to me and the total diregard from the disability office to ny concerns to house maintenance steps had to be taken so the house would not be damaged from rain. A new roof had to be installed at the cost of $10,000. plus, this past month. My concerns for the flooding of my basement went unheard although substantial damage was sustained and my high-efficiency furnance had to be replaced, and the lost furniture was thrown out because of water damage, allof ur clothes had to be replaced with no help from the ODSP Office. They have been notified of each instance at the time of occurrance, no help arrived from ODSP, again. That was because Ontario Hydro mistakenly turned off my hydro when they were sippose to turn off a neighbours trailer, I live in a house. I have that letter here somwhere as well. Don’t ask me to prove it unless you want to lend a hand in the search. There are so many times that I have been reduced in entitlement, but have not gained any help to the emergencies zi have suffered , alone. Give me the permission to write my own pension entitlement so as to cut out the prejudice I keep receive from the Brantford Disability Office.

2 Four Pillars

Hi Graham, sorry to hear about your situation.

You should contact an accountant for your question since it is pretty specific and unfortunately I don’t know the answer.

3 Lisa Longlade

Can a 16 year old student living without either of her parents receive her own tax credit as her mother is withholding it from her. It is a benefit of $200.00 monthly when the child can use the funds and in actual fact if the mother is not providing the 16 year child any financial assistance, is she not committing fraud? Please contact me via email ASAP

Thank you very much

4 Four Pillars

Lisa – you should definitely call the government to get the best answers but my guesses are:

1) No, the child living on her own would not qualify for the CCTB – it is to help parents with costs associated with their kids. If you’re not a parent then no CCTB.

2) Yes, if you are not living with your mother then she shouldn’t be receiving CCTB. She also shouldn’t be receiving and giving it to you. The child has to be living with the parent.

I would try to get some help for your situation – if you need money then I’m guessing welfare might be an best option. Perhaps calling the local employment office would be an idea – they might be able to give you better info than I.

5 Anna

Hi i want to know if i can ask for cctb for my son,he is 11 years old.
I come to Canaba as a refugee before he was born,so he is a Canadian citizen but i just got aproved by the Immigration Canada recently.
Can i get the cctb payment for him dated some back or just from the time i become permanent residence?
Thank you in advance for your answer!

6 Four Pillars

Anna, you should contact the appropriate government department with that questions.

Check out the cra website:

7 Susan

I am a 17 year old living on my own. My mother kicked me out at 14 years old and my mother and my father both refuse to support me or give me any money. I was wondering if i can get the person im living with to collect my child taxes . Would they have to take custudy of me or can they just collect it ?

8 licious

i am 18 and am a canadian but i live in the uk with my guardian. we’re planning to come and live in canada but i was wondering if she will be able to claim cctb since she’s the one that takes care of me

9 Janice

I was born and raised a Canadian citizen. I married an American and have since also become an American citizen. My children and I are therefore both Canadian and American. We currently live in the USA and have at times lived overseas. A family member in a similar situation has told me recently that she qualified for the Canada Child Tax Credit. Is it possible that we qualify for this benefit even though we do not live in Canada?

10 Four Pillars

Janice – here are the rules for eligibility.

You don’t have to be a citizen but you have to live here – kind of makes sense I think.

11 Ashley

Just a question about childtax benefit, im wondering how much i will be getting a month, as me and my boyfriend are claiming common-law.
before taxes are taken off he make 77,000.00 this year. there was 21,000.00 taxes taken off. do they calculate how much u will get before taxes taken off, or after they are taken off. We have 3 children together.

12 crystal

before taxes are taking off ashley I have 4 children im also common law my income is a bit lower then yours but i recieve$ 1746,00 in total for cctb the universal child care and as of this month the cctb is going up another $91 per child,, but i would recomend that you call cctb direct their number is 1800 378-1193 they will be able to tell you exactly what you will recieve each month for your 3 children

13 Adrienne

if you totally have no income less then 20,000 you get $326 from CCTB and another $100 from UCTB

14 kamal

If my kids go overseas for a school year and come back would they still receive child benefits, both me and my wife files tax every year and both have own the house and have bank acc. and credit cards and d. licenses

15 Qamar

We have 4 children and are receiving child tax benefit since last five years.Now we are planing to go back home for around 2 years due to some family reasons. Do we still be eligible to get CCTB and UCTB? We have active bank account and credit card transactions, besides, I will be visiting Canada after every six months due to my exams.

16 Four Pillars

Qumar – I’m pretty sure it’s for Canadian residents only. You should check with the government though.

17 G S porterhill

Lakcing any answers, this is what has transpired, reductions all around. Once the child turns 18 that must be the cut-off line. Although she continues to attend highschool for the special classes, she does not receive benefits for doing so. No straight answers. It seems that you have to have a person working on the inside for anyone to be satisfied that they are collecting all entitlements. I am still running into a wall on the ‘Respite Funds’, it’s getting close to 2 years of entitlement I losing. Someone must be running blocker on my funds entitlement just channelling the funds someway else, they have to be, every year they have to justify their funds, as I had started the amount, understand what I’m saying? I am saying I started getting Respite Care funds and once the yearly amount was set, they have to spend that much the following year or their funds will get cut back. Its better for them to spend everything, if they were to have money to send back then their alottment would be cut back that much the next year.

18 Jamie

My husband and I were deemed non residents for 2006/2007 as we were living overseas. We moved back in January of 2008 and had our baby in June of 2008. I read the website and I’m still kind of unclear as to when we became eligible for the cctb and what tax year they calculate our benefits from…I’m kind of wondering if we are ineligible for 2008 as we were travelling in 2007 and had no income and were non-residents.

19 Tiffany

How long do i wait for my baby’s first Child Tax Benefit?

20 sabeen

my child was born in canada but now we are not living in canada may we get child tax benefit

21 Erica

Hi, I am 17 and I live on my own. Both my parents refuse to pay child support or give me any money to support me. They kicked me out when I was 15, and I am currently still in high school. Is there any type of program or benefit that the government of Alberta can offer me so I can take care of myself while I go to school?

22 aamir

I am canadian citizen and my wife permenent resident of canada I have two kids. one baby have canadian citizen she have canadian passport. and second older son don’t have status of canada.I have applied sponsorship application in the CHC out side canada for my older son. My both kids was born out side canada.My both kids are living out side canada. they don’t come till yet. my wife is also living out side canada. because my older son application is in proccess at CHC. MY WIFE stuck out side canda.I am in canada I have job and file the income tax every year. can I get child tax benafit.

23 Mike

Aamir – I’m not sure if I completely understood your comment. I think you said that both of your kids are living outside of Canada? If that is the case then you can’t get the child tax benefit.

24 aamir

thank’s mike,
My both kids are living out side kids have canadian passport or citizenship.I am permently living in canada.I have job.or file income tax every year.and I finalcially support my family from family depend me. In this situation, can I get cctb? please share me.

25 Mike

Aamir – according to the gov’t website the kids have to be living with you (in Canada) in order to get the CCTB.

26 Jennifer

I am a single mother and my daughter turns 18 in one month and is in her final year of high school. Her CCTB will be cut off, I am not on any other income support but don’t make enough money to loose the over $300 a month. Is there any other government funding available for this situation as she will be under my care for the remainder of the school year. Thank you.

27 Mike

Jennifer – you need to contact the government about any possible programs.

My suggestion is that your daughter should look for a job.

28 Brittany

Hey, I am about to turn 18 soon. Will my mom still get the child tax credit because i am still in highschool? I heard that you still get the baby bonus if as long as your in highschool still…???

29 Mike

Brittany – there is no “high school” rule. If there was, some people would never graduate…

30 shanni

i am not a resident..i have 3mth old..i applied for refugee status awaiting a decision on my case..i am still yet to obtain my work permit and temporary social.should i wait until i recieve my work permit and temp social to apply for child tax benefit?..or apply for it now? much would i get? am here since 2006 been working but not not jobs where tax is taking out ..if i apply now what should i should i say my status is?

31 Terry

Is the CCTB going up in October2009? and if so, how much?

32 tasha

I have a one year old son and a two year old daughter who i recently filed for. Will i get back pay for them?
thanks for your help

33 ishy

hi.. my ex-bf and i have recently separated…ever since our 2 and half daughter was born ive been getting her cctb & uctb on my account thru direct deposit.. now my ex has opened up a new account for her and wants to get the money.. would they transfer it to his bank account without my permision? i am the mother and i just have a part-time job… thanks.

34 Jessica

I am disturbed by the amount of people leaving questions about entitlement who don’t even live in Canada! Canada provides this funding to help middle to low income families care for their children that LIVE in canada. It’s not a cash grab! If you don’t contribute to our country in the form of taxes, why should you receive a CHILD TAX BENEFIT?? This is not free money people, it is tax dollars and if you know someone who is receiving it who does not live in Canada then you should contact CCTB and let them know. They are committing fraud. Perhaps there would be more money for the poverty stricken families if people who were not entitled to this benefit were not taking from the ones who really need it! Many families with three or more children live on less that 20 000 a year. Are you seriously concerned about how much you can get making 70 000? Also, just so you know it is gross in the calculations and you will be receiving 245.00.

35 Diane

My daughter just had a baby and mailed her child tax credit forms last week and was wondering when she will be getting it. thanks

36 Mike

Dianne – it can take a long time to get the first payment but don’t worry – it will be retroactive so she will eventually get all the $$.

37 April

I filed my taxes in November for 2008 and I was curious on how long will it take to get the Child tax benift as well as the back pay from August??


38 Arggggggghh


39 Rebecca

Hi I just gave birth to my daughter Oct 13. I am only 18 and I have never filed taxes as I have never really made an income, my boyfriend on the other hand has done his taxes, but I’m still considered the primary caregiver. Can I still apply for child tax benefits even if I’ve never done my taxes before,if so what does that change?
Thank you,

40 April

“Oh hello.. I’m not a citizen, but I got pregnant while on vacation in Canada. Can I still apply for the CCTB?”

JUST KIDDING!!… but I wouldn’t have been surprised to have come across that question. JeesUss!

@Rebecca, congrats on the birth of your daughter! I think how it works is that your boyfriend does have to submit his tax info.. and if you’ve not had an opportunity to work as yet, you can just let them know that on the application.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong?

41 Mike

Congratulations April – you picked the perfect country to get knocked up in. In addition to the CCTB your child will also be 100% eligible for RESP, RRSP and when the time comes can enjoy a full CPP pension along with OAS payments.


42 Jessica


You will have to file a return regardless if you have not made any money every singel year to qualify for CCTB. Retroactive questions..if you are already receiving CCTB for another child it will only take a few months. If not, then it could take a little longer all depending on how long it takes them to process your info. Looking at 3 months on average.

43 Patick Walsh

We (Myself spouse and Five Kids under 18) arrived in Canada with on a Temporary Work Permit. WE have no outside Canada ties since September 10 2008. My Job is permanent ($80K /pa- contract holds me in Alberta 2 years) from day one, We have a residential house and bills , furniture bought in Canada. the Kids are in Full time school. I now have an AB drivers licence (UK licence surrendered and gone) and own a Dodge Caravan outright.

We intend to apply for PR but the cost of living in AB at the moment is making this impossible to pay for let alone to aply for (school fees, Kids dental clothing bills food etc). I have been informed by the ITO that even though we have Immigration Status on a temporay Work Permit until Sept 9 2010, The CRA considers our residency Permanent for tax purposes.
The CCTB seem to think my wife (as primary care giver) does not meet residency requirements and cannot have any monies to support the children. (She has been told she is entitled on the 19 month of her stay to “prove she has build up significant ties”. this will mean she is only entitled to Five months CCTB, even though I (as sole breadwinner) have paid in full tax and pension contributions, as if a permanent since Sept 2008 and not Temporary.

Below is the Body Text letter that accompanied the NR74 we sent to the International Tax office. We are awaiting on the ITO to confirm our residency Permanent for tax purposes
any advice as to why they wont release, what would be a significant sum (ITO said it should be backdated), or how we can appeal their discission would be appreciated.

Dear Sir or Madam,
Re: Determination of Residency Status for Canadian Child Tax Benefits

My wife has recently made application for Canadian Child Tax Benefits, as advised by her Tax Accountant. Her claim has been subsequently denied on the grounds of not meeting the appropriate residency requirements.
Upon further investigation with the CCTB, we were informed that they currently hold our status to be that of Temporary Residents, although all of the other qualifying criteria for eligibility as Permanent Residents have been met. After Further discussions with an officer of the CCTB, they suggested we should contact the International Tax office in Ottawa to review our Status.
We contacted the International Tax office Thursday October 15 2009 and discussed our situation with an officer over the Phone.
The officer in question directed me and my wife to apply for Determination of Residency Status by means of CRA form NR74E, which we have enclosed, for your consideration. Where applicable we have included source material (Work Permits, letters of appointment, driving licences etc).

We trust all the above meets with your approval, should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yours Faithfully

44 Four Pillars

Patrick – I don’t know anything about your situation. It seems like you are already taking the proper steps to get the situation fixed so I would suggest you keep doing what you are doing.

If CCTB made a mistake then it will take time to correct. Hopefully the eventual CCTB payments will be retroactive.

My only suggestion is that you get someone to proofread any letters/applications you send to the government – your post had quite a few typos and made it hard to read.

Good luck!

45 gigi

I am a canadian citizen, my child is 19 months right now and he is receiving CCTB, but we planned to leave canada and go back to HK with my child. I am a single mother before and I just married with my hk-citizen husband. So due to family reasons, I decided to go back to HK for 2-3 years, am I eligible to receive CCTB while out of the country? If I still report my world income, is it possible to get the CCTB? If i am not qualify, should I stop the CCTB when I leave the country or after 6 months?

46 Susan

I really would like an answer to GIGI’s questions.

I have the same concerns with regards to receiving CCTB, whilst working abroad. I’m student teacher and I recently got an offer to be a leading teacher in an Elementary school for a year, in middle east. I intend to pay taxes to Canada. Does that qualify me to receive child tax benefits? I also intend to my apartment and pay rent, have my bank accounts and assets as this move isnt a permanant one. Taking this job will enable me an opportunity for me, as a young single Mom , to earn some cash to invest in a home and provide for my 2 kids. Please help me as I do want to receive benefits that are NOT my rights. It will also determine whether or not I really want to take this job. Thanks

47 Four Pillars

The rules say that you have to be a Canadian resident which I assume means you are living in Canada. I would strongly suggest that you contact the government about whether you will qualify or not.

48 Amanda

My boyfriend’s ex-wife dropped their child off in April and no longer wants to raise him.
She is still collecting the Child Tax Benefit. The child is currently living with dad. Dad said he filed in July but nothing has been received in the mail. I am pretty sure he hasn’t filled out the application because he is scared the ex will go after him for something else. What are the long term consequences of her getting this money and keeping it for herself. Isn’t this tax fraud?

49 Mike

Amanda – your boyfriend should file and get the money. To collect the CCTB you have to be the primary caregiver which his ex clearly is not.

I don’t know what the legal ramifications are of her keeping the money.

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