Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)

by Mike Holman

Another government program that is available for parents in Canada is called the Canada Child Tax Benefit. This particular benefit is one of the few income-tested programs that actually has reasonable income limits so you can be fairly middle class and still get some cash out of this.


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Eligibility for CCTB

  • Child must be under 18 years of age.
  • Primary caregiver must be a Canadian resident.
  • You must live with the child.
  • Family net income must be less than approximately $102,000. Keep in mind that net income is AFTER any deductions such as RRSP contributions.
  • Check out the government of Canada website for more information.

How to apply for the CCTB

The form for this benefit is called Form RC66 – Canada Child Benefits Application and can be downloaded from or call 1-800-959-2221. Keep in mind that this application is the same one as for the UCCB (Universal child care benefit) so you only have to fill out this form once for both benefits.

Do I need proof of income to apply for the CCTB?

No you don’t. However the exception is if one of the parents became a new resident or returned as a resident of Canada in the last 2 years – or if you became a Canadian citizen in the last 12 months.

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Do I need proof of birth to apply for the CCTB?

No, unless the child was born outside of Canada or was born in Canada and is one year of age or older.

How much will I get from CCTB?

Check out the CRA’s online calculator to find out how much your benefit will be. The benefit is a sliding scale so the more net family income you have, the smaller the benefit will be.


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51 Mike

Amanda – I don’t know the details of how the CCTB would work in that sort of situation.

Bottom line is that if your boyfriend doesn’t file properly then nothing will happen.

If you want to report the ex-wife to the CRA then this link has the details. I don’t know what else you can do.

52 April

This is in regard to Jessica’s post about the CCTB not being a cash grab – we live in the United States, and we are receiving the CCTB. We are deemed residents of Canada based on rules and regulations governing our country. We are NOT committing fraud, as the Canada Revenue Agency knows exactly where we are, and we file tax returns as Canadian citizens. I am in the US on a student visa, and my husband and I have worked our entire adult lives in Canada while all the while paying income tax. When we return to Canada this coming June, we will be paying income tax and filing income tax returns, just as we have the entire time we have been living out of country. Please get your facts straight before you accuse people of defrauding the government. And, please, feel free to contact CCTB and let them know we are committing fraud. I’ll be happy to share my contact information with you should you provide me an email address.

53 Heather O'Shea

I have an inquiry about the CCTB. I was receiving it until 2006. I received a letter from Revenue Canada in March 2006 that I owed $1400.00. I paid them promply. (Being under tremendous stress at the time.) Now 4 years later it is my turn to claim the child tax. Having 1 of my 2 children with me fulltime. As I was inquiring I noticed that the other parent had to sign a consent form for the other to be eligible to receive the child tax. Well I never signed anything in 2006. Can Revenue Canada just assume that the other parent has the children fulltime? Why was I not advised of this in 2006. I was surely advised that I owed them money , but I didn’t receive any forms to sign. If there were forms I didn’t sign them. And if I didn’t sign them how come my Ex is still receiving the CCBT .

54 Mike

Heather, you really need to follow up with revenue Canada.

55 madashell

Im not sure if this a comment I didnt know where to post I applied on my account on the cra website for my child who came into my care over 11 months ago as i was told by a lady at the 1800 number that since this child was in my care before i wouldnt have to send in a copy of her bc hc etc now i called today and was told on feb1 they mailed me out a questionaire as my ex is fighting the dates. The only reason hes doing so is so he wont have a large back pay and lose his income tax return etc My ? is has anyone recieved one of these questionaires? If so what is on them and what are the documents that they require to prove she resides with me and not him

56 Krissy

If your baby is born Jan 27th , will you recieve CCTB and UCTB for the month of January?

57 Graham Hill

I”ve never rec’d CTB – Child Tax Benefit. Whats the secret. Right now I’m trying to find out why I’m not receiving R.E.S.P.I.D. funds, evryone else does. Whats the secret there as well. I had asked my counsellor and she just told me I had to tal to a representative here on the reservation, and so I asked, and again another dead end.
Its starting to look its for women only, how in the hell would they be getting ahead by denying me help that everyone else is receiving?

58 AJ

I am also a Canadian living outside of the country, but I still must file taxes in Canada. I understand the comments about the children (yes my son is Canadian and we moved to the US six months ago) must reside in Canada in order to receive CCTB. I will follow up as I am paying Canadian income tax the same as if I was residing in the country so it is an issue that must be clarified directly with Revenue Canada.

59 matilda

My husband has been raising his son since march of 2005 without help from the childs mother, we live in BC and she lives in alberta. we have recently applied for the cctb and the universal of 100.00 a month even though the child is eight now. After a long few months of proving to the cctb that the child does live with him we are awaiting to see if we we qualify we have two other children together that we recive the payment for every month but not his son prior to our relationship. My question is will we get any kind of back pay for the child not cliamed since 2005 from the cctb or the universal? I know you can only recive the universal benifit until the child turns six but since we have been raising him since he was three and is now eight shoulnt we recive that benifit for the three years the child was eligiable? Also should we recive the CCTB since march of 2005?? And if the biological mother claimed this money while living in alberta and the child living here shouldnt she have to pay back the money she wrongfully claimed?
thanks so much for any help any one is willing to provide for us:)

60 Cecilia

I am a Canadian citizen ,but I have lived out of Canada for the past 16 yrs, and both my children were born out of Canada, however both have Canadian citizenship and social security numbers (applied for and processed via the embassy). Now we are moving back to Canada as a family, my husband was issued his permanent residency visa …my question is, can I apply for CCTB for my children (age 8 & 11) RETROACTIVELY for all those years, or will I only be able to get the money for them as from when we move back?

61 Rupendra

I like to answer Cecilia’s question. and the answer is Yes you can.
My wife and I lived in US for 12 years . Within that year we became a Canadian Resident and went back to study in US for another Two years and our baby was born within those two years. We moved back to Canada in 2008 and Filed CCTB. CCTB gave us the lump some amount. So you can go ahead and file with the birth certificates and details for your kids.

62 chelsie

My baby was born february 1st, and I applied for Child Tax benefit that week, but I never got anything yet .. Is that normal?

63 Mike

Chelsie – it took us a long time to get any benefit so I would say that it is normal.

64 Brenda

Is there any benefit that i can get for my 7 years old canadian boy. He born in Calgary … his father is canadian too, but we are separate and i have the sole custody…. now i have a very difficult economical situation and thats why i need information. His father dissapeared we do not have any contact with him since 5 years. We are overseas. Im not canadian. I went to the Canadian consulate in my contry and they didnt provide any info.

65 Stephen

My son was born on Jan 01.2010, and I was wondering if the CCTB is retroactive from day one of my sons birth. ex. Jan 01.2010 – Present backpay? I am new to all this and was just wondering if they pay from the birth date onward….? Thanks for any help you give me 😀

66 Mike

Stephen, I’m pretty sure it is retroactive.

67 Jocelyn

We recently got our Canadian citizenship last Oct 2009 and since 2005 we have been receiving Child Tax Benefit and UCC for our children. But we are planning to live outside Canada for a few years. My question is can we still claim Child Tax Benefits even outside Canada, we are also planning to file our income tax return even if we live outside Canada.
Thanks for your assistance.

68 Qamar

We are Canadian citizen, in Feb. 2007 we moved to SA, we moved back to Canada in April 2009.

During the time we were out of Canda, we filed our tax return and also were receiving CCTB.

Now we wanted to know that the CCTB payments we have received during the period we were out of Canada, do we have to return back to CRA. In fact we are ready for that, if we do not qualify for that but are afraid that we might face penalties/punishment from CRA, can anybody have any suggestion in this regard.


69 Juanita

I was just curious as to why the child tax benefit is stopped when they turn 18. Seeing as it is based on the year before taxes when the the cild was 17. i was wondering becasue I do not qualify because my daughter will turn 18 on dec 17th yet on the tax return it states children born in 1992 or later. I can understand not getting it based on this years tax return.
Had i been able to find FULL TIME employment, i would not be concerned, but thanks to Mr. Mike Harris, he made that almost impossible…..does anyone understand this cause I sure dont

70 v.a.

I have twin boys that will be turning 18 july 21/10 and I understand that the CCTXB is only up to the age of 18. If they continue with their
education, would the payments still stop? I’m a single parent and only my income.

71 Tahir Ahmed

I am a canadian citizen who is living abroad for the past 5 years. I have married abroad and have two children. My wife is not a Canadian citizen. I am going back to canada in August. My kids are not coming with me. My question is on behalf of my children can i recieve Child Benefit Tax or not?

72 Mike

Tahir – the children have to be living with you.

I’ve updated the post to reflect this.

73 faiqa

i’ll be landing in canada in a couple of months. i have a son who’ll be turning 4 in june. my hubby plans to study while i’ll try to find work… my question is: will i be eligible for only the CCTB? and how much is tht? does it vary from family to family? and wat is this “universal” tax or smthg tht ive read sum ppl referring to?
to put it out plainly: how much n in how many ways will the canadian govt be helping us raise our child while my hubby studies instead of working… coz the job market is really lousy these days, im guessing i’ll hafta settle with an odd job like waitressing etc myself…
plz let me know all tht you guys know…. much appreciated!

74 deseansmom

Can I get the Canada Child Tax Benefit?
To be eligible, you must meet all the following conditions:

* you must live with the child, and the child must be under the age of 18;
* you must be the person who is primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of the child;
o This means you are responsible for such things as supervising the child’s daily activities and needs, making sure the child’s medical needs are met, and arranging for child care when necessary. If there is a female parent who lives with the child, we usually consider her to be this person. However, it could be the father, a grandparent, or a guardian.
* you must be a resident of Canada; and
* you or your spouse or common-law partner must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a protected person, or a temporary resident who has lived in Canada for the previous 18 months, and who has a valid permit in the 19th month.

I hope that answers your question

75 Adnan

My kids are born abroad, but now live with me in Canada. My wife is a citizen abroad and is NOT a Canadian citizen. Am i eligible for CCBT? If so, How do i apply?

76 saru

I am working in middle east but decided to have resident status and paying taxes .My kids live with me , Am I eligible for CCTB
My wife doesnt work

77 claudia

Hello , I was a landed immigrant since 1968 in Canada, I have 2 children born in Canada their father is a Canadian citizen we are now separated and I live in Italy since 2004 and he lives still in Canada I receive support for my minor child which is 12 yrs old and lives here in Italy with me , can I still receive something from Canada for my child seeing that I live and work here ??? Seeing that she is Canadian and I have left Canada in good terms and I’m a single mom, and I can show proof that I don’t earn much here . Can somebody help me with this ?

78 Altaf

I am going to avail parental leave, and will go outside Canada. I have confirmed from Service Canada that I am allow to go outside Canada and will eligible for incentive duing parental leave. I want to know whether CCTB for my two kids will continue while I wil out side Canada on parental leave or it will stop.
My daughter is 3 years and my son is 3 months old.

79 Stacie

My child tax benefit was stopped a year ago because my husband hadn’t filed his taxes (in a few years), when he finally does file, will I receive back payments for the year that I didn’t receive anything?


We came here on skilled worker visa (point basis) on 5th of May 2010. We are unemployed from the last three months and doing expenditure from our hard earned money, the saving which we made in India. I am M.A (English) B.Ed, M.Phil (English) TESL (Canada). I did my diploma in TESL in Canada for which I paid $ 2100/- from my own pocket. No help was rendered by the Government where as we were told in India in one of the seminars conducted by Canadian Immigration Integration Program (CIIP) that we will be helped in case we want to go for upgradations of education. These type of seminars should be banned as they misguide the highly qualified professionals in India. More over no child care benefit has been rendered to us by the revenue department of Canada for our seven year old son though all necessary formalities have been done so far. We are here from the last three months without job and surviving on our own. Kindly tell us where to go and how to maintain ourselves.
Vandana Saini

81 Fannela

Hi, I live alone with my baby and finally I was accepted as a protected person the last month after 3 years awaiting, I have a 2 years baby, he was born here and I was not receiving the benefits. Now that I become elegible, I wonder if I’m going to receive retroactive(since the date of birth of my baby) or the payment are going to start since the date I become elegible, I mean the past month when I was accepted as a protected person. I hope your answer. Thanks!

82 Heather

I was woundering it totally sliped my mind to do my taxes yes i know im gunna have to pay some peneltys but my question is will i still get my child tax for this month? Im going in tomorrow to get my taxes done! Will i get my child tax next month?


83 fanela

Hi, I live alone with my baby and finally I was accepted as a protected person the last month after 3 years awaiting, I have a 2 years baby, he was born here and I was not receiving the benefits. Now that I become elegible, I wonder if I’m going to receive retroactive(since the date of birth of my baby) or the payment are going to start since the date I become elegible, I mean the past month when I was accepted as a protected person. I hope your answer. Thanks!

84 aisling mansfield

i am moving to cananda with my husband in september he will be working over there will i be intitled to child benafit for my thre kids

85 Connie

Just a quick question,
My husband and I decided to not to file our taxes for 2008, so we filed 2008 and 2009 at the same time. Because of this I did not collect child tax for 12 months due to not filing. Will I get back pay for the 12 months I did not collect?

86 martina trudeau

Hi. I am a canadian citizen so is my husband and my child (2 years old) Recently I have been questioned by CRA and as a result my CCTB and UCCB eligibility has been denied and CRA requested to pay back last 3 years.
I am on maternity leave, my child lives with us in Ontario but we are moving every year for 6 months to Europe because my husband is being sent there by his company for work. I am going with him. We are paying our income tax in Canada as we only have an income here. We dont have residency anywhere else than in Canada as well as health insurance, car, bank accounts etc. My husband is a pilot and his company is leasing their planes to Europe during a low season and sending their own pilots to operate them from there.
Please somebody explain to me why are we not eligible for those benefits and why is CRA not giving us a clear answer?
And in case we are not considered a residents of Canada than why do we have to pay an income tax???

Thank you very much, I really need a help here.

87 Sigh

In order to be considered for child tax benefit it states “must be a canadian resident” – upon further investigation….”resident” means a resident of canada for tax purposes. requirements: owned or leased dwelling place, personal property, social ties, employment, bank, accounts, credit cards, medical coverage, DL, vehicle reg., passport and mailing address with no intention to sever residential ties to canada, make lengthy and regular visits to canada. Now I just got hit with a $19,000 overpayment. I am in the US, to which Canada Tax Revenue has been informed of numerous times, I hold significant ties to canada, bank accounts, credit cards, go to school in canada, get canadian student loans, am a canadian citizen, have medical coverage, (need to renew my passport and dL), mailing address and personal property. Go figure! Overpayment back 2 years, at which time I was already audited and given the OK to continue benefits and suddenly I have an overpayment…..NOW WHAT? Im in the US on the basis of legalities with custody issues temporarily, but have been for a year with one divorce and a pending custody case. Now how does a single mom of 4 kids, not working because of travel between US and canada, going to school in Canada pay back $19,000 bucks? Would love help on this one, since I pay taxes, always have in canada but live with family. Anyone have any ideas here?

88 Sadiqa

My son is canadian citizen. We just back to our home country .Can I have any support from Canada government here

89 Kasiff

Hi Mike,
I have two children. We all are (me my wife and two children age 14 and 15) living in Pakistan from the last 2.5 years. We have filed tax return for 2008 and 2009. My children are studing in Pakistan. Now if OHIP can extend medical coverage why not CRA. After all we are paying taxes in Canada and all are Canadian citizens. A Canadian resident does not mean you have to live in Canada. I think they are simply saying that you status should be Canadian citizen and Canadian resident. Please help.


90 mia

hi i like some info im in pakistan for two months now .i came for vacation but got oprated on a hurnia and my stay was long.i just wanted to know do i have to pay them back the cctb?my doctor gave me the ok to go back to canada.(my stay was 3 months.)

91 Felicia

i resently took in a 16 year old girl, shes pregnant with no place to go,
can i collect her child tax or do i have to go through court to actually get custody of her??

92 ruth

I and my daughter are only six months old in canada as residents…My husband has been expecting his income tax return and because of that i haven’t been able to file in my daughter child benefit. Will i still be paid the child benefit from the day we entered canada even though i file it in by september or october 2010?

93 Rudi

I thank anyone to help me.My girlfriend and I have 5 children,we broke up for a year and got back together.This happened like 7 years ago.We received a letter saying that we owed a lot of money and they started taking money off child tax,the thing is they owe us for 2 children for 5 years and are currently paying us for only 3 children.We have sent in a custody order from Queens bench and have sent school forms and letters stating the children reside at our address for school.Our lease and 3 copies or lease,the school fees address forms..They are telling us that we pretty much dont have these kids.This is very offending to us.As no one else is claiming our kids cause they are ours.We need some guidance please as this stress is taking a toll on us mentally knowing that we care and live by every law and well means of taking care of our children and they are doing this…Thanks for any information

94 haze

if i will bring my child outside canada.. will he able to get the child benefit?

95 nic

We resided in Canada for a few years,we now live in the Uk,our son was born IN canada,he is also disabled..and we have perm-resident status(for Canada) we are both British,so my son has dual citizenship!!my son is a canadian citizen through birth. I’m not sure if we should be claiming any money for him from Canada,he is 11 years old now,and we have lived in the UK since 2000. Any advice!! I do plan to return to Canada to live before he reaches 18 hopefully!!

96 John

My ex no longer lives in town. Her child under the age of 18 lives with me. She continues to collect the child benefits for the child. Is this fraud?

97 Mehran

I am a canadian permanent resident since may 2009 but I am living abroad since june 2009. We recieve CCTB for our 3 years old child, But I am not sure as we are living outside Canada, are we eligible to recieve child tax benefit?
If we are not eligible what should I do? Should I return all we have recieved?
CCTB payments are stopped since last month because I had not filed TAX RETURN.
What should I do now?

98 Madison

I have 2 children, and I am currently collecting money for ONE child my son who was born in 2009.
I have had MANY issues trying to get my Child Tax for my daughter who was born in 2007… I gave up a while ago and have now decided it’s just time to get it done and over with.

They asked me to write a letter to recieve full retro-active payments. It’s been 3 years has anyone else has a problem like this and received full back pay?

99 Albert

Hi, I am a Canadian citizen. I was born in Canada in 1982 . Due to family issues, my parents moved overseas. When I became of legal age, (18) i decided to come back here.
My question is i never got any child benefit all my life. Now I am a student in university would I be able to claim all the child benefit that I did not get?
Than you.

100 Albert

Hi, I am a Canadian citizen. I was born in Canada in 1982 . Due to family issues, my parents moved overseas. When I became of legal age, (18) i decided to come back here.
My question is i never got any child benefit all my life. Would I be able to claim all the child benefit that I did not get?

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