Carnival of Debt Reduction – “Four Pillars” Edition

by Mike Holman

Welcome to the “Four Pillars” edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction – lots of good debt reduction articles along with a few other financial posts.


The Four Pillars of Mike’s kitchen floor (aka the “editor’s picks”)

3pillarsofcreationThe Three Pillars of outer space

These posts were out of this world:

twopillarsThe Two Pillars of ancient times

They don’t make pillars like they used to:


Zero Balance Pillar of Salt

Zero percent balance transfer credit cards can be a very useful tool for reducing debt. If you can save on high interest credit card charges then you can pay the principal down a lot more. And if you are lucky – you won’t turn into a pillar of salt!

Photo credit: Yersiana, smithsonian

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