Carnival of Personal Finance #143 – Oh Canada Edition

by Mike Holman

Welcome to the Carnival of Personal Finance edition #143!

As you might have guessed by the flag in the header, this blog is based in Canada so I thought it would be fun to have a Canadian theme!


Bob and Doug Mackenzie were part of the show SCTV (Second City TV) which is one of my all time favourite shows.

Top hoser picks

Squawkfox has gone to the dogs this week with ten financial lessons she learned from her dog. Any dog named “Tivo” is ok by me! (This was my favourite post of the carnival.)

photo by pointnshoot

Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada – by far!

Best skaters

photo by dobak
Canada Goose – I didn’t even realize until I looked it up, that “Canada” is actually part of the name for these birds. I always thought it was just the name Canadians called geese. :)

The Canada geesers

Terry Fox is one of the biggest heroes from my youth. He lost part of his leg to cancer, started running across Canada to raise money for research and although he didn’t make it all the way across the country, he captured the imagination of the entire nation and raised the level of awareness for cancer research.

Terry Fox selections

photo by Vigour
While moose are not exclusive to Canada, I always think of them as Canadian.

Moose selections

photo by Steve Deger
The loon is another animal which is very common in Canada.

The “loonies” of the carnival :)

photo by Vigour

And of course you can’t have a Canadian carnival without including the mighty beaver:

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1 MillionDollarJourney

Awesome carnival Mike! Thanks for hosting and including my article.

2 paidtwice

This rules!

Love the carnival!

Is a “Hoser” another word for editor? Cause I’d like to add this to my editor’s picks tally lol. :)

3 Money Blue Book

Thanks for the tax rebate article inclusion eh! :)

4 CiaranFrom Chance

Thanks for making me a Terry Fox selection… I liked that. Link going up shortly;)

5 Four Pillars

Thanks everyone.

PT – a “hoser” is at least as good as an “editor’s” pick.

6 Lynnae @ Being

Love the theme! Great job hosting, and thanks for including me!

7 FIRE Finance

Thanks for hosting such a fantastic carnival and including our post on check scams.
FIRE Finance


Thanks so much for the carnival and my inclusion!

9 Ben Dinsmore

Looks like I have some reading to do tonight! 😉

Thanks for including my Dual Income Article!

Ben @ Trees Full of Money


Thanks for the link!

11 Patrick

Thanks for the mention! :)

12 Funny about Money

Thanks for including Funny’s squib on libel & slander! Awesome round-up–especially enjoyed the story of Tivo the financial guru.

Link is up! :-)

13 Flexo

Thanks very much for “hosing!” Ok… I know that’s bad. But good job hosting, anyway.

14 fathersez

Thanks for the mention, and I enjoyed your theme.


15 paidtwice

Yee haw!

Or should I come up with some variation of “Eh!”….

16 plonkee

Thanks for hosting, nice to hear about Canadian stuff.

17 The Financial Blogger

Nice Theme!
No Leafs pics ? I can send you a few winning Canadiens’ pics if you want 😉

18 Brip Blap

Funny stuff, eh? I am a best skater only if by “best” you mean “unable to” :)

Great job – it’s always interesting to learn about exotic foreign cultures, particularly ones that are so alien to one’s own way of life. Heh.

Thanks for hosting and including my link (and reminding me to participate)!


19 Matt

Thanks for hosting Mike! Loved the theme and I think of Moose as very much Canadian myself

20 GBlogger

Great set-up for the carnival, eh? Thanks for the inclusion.

21 Value For Your Life

Hello fellow Canadians! Love the theme, very appropriate :) Thanks for including my post and I look forward to reading the other great articles.

22 Pete

Thanks for the include! linking to the carnival now! (p.s. by the way, you spelled wrong up above. just fyi. thanks!)

23 Andy

Thanks for including my post. It was also nice to discover this blog and other interesting ones referenced in the carnival.


24 squawkfox

O wow. I’m top dog! Thank you so muchly for the editor pick Four Pillars! I am truly astounded. Tivo thanks you very muchly too! I must say I love love love the Canadianisms, the hosers, and the wildlife. In fact, I’m a little loonie over this edition. I have linked back as well: Oh Canada Edition.

25 Kay @ Don't Mess With Taxes

Great job! Thanks for inlcuding me, and I’ve let my readers know in my post today “Take Off to PF Carnival #143.’ And Go Leafs Go!

26 David

Thanks for hosting!!

27 PT

Love those hosers!

Great job on the theme. Love it. Ya!

28 Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

Thanks for hosting! BTW, honeymooned in Canada, so your blog theme made me once again . . . long for the introduction (I mean a real introduction) of the silver dollar down here.

29 Mrs. Micah

I *heart* the mighty beaver. Most of the time.

30 Seb

Thanks for hosting, and including my post as a “best skater”!

31 Pinyo

Terrific job with the carnival and nice theme! Thank you.

32 guinness416

Nice job, lots of good reading here, but you left out the poutine!

(That dog is entirely adorable so thanks for highlighting that excellent post – its ears are half the size of its body! I always thought you were a cat person for some reason Mike, glad to see you’re one of the good guys).

33 Four Pillars

Guinness – I am a cat person but I don’t mind dogs… :)


34 Millionaire Money Habits

Nice carnival, you hozer.

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