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Business Ideas

The Too Slow Edition

by Mr. Cheap

When I start writing up a wacky business idea, one of the things I do is a quick search to see if someone has already done something similar.  I don’t spend hours on it, but I’ll look for 5 or 10 minutes.  In many ways it’s surprisingly rare to find someone is already doing what […]


Ramen Profitable

by Mr. Cheap

I was talking to a friend recently and used the term “ramen profitable”, which she found incredibly amusing.  I realized that I had never used the term on the blog or posted about it, even though it’s a very useful perspective on starting a business. The term was coined by Paul Graham, and he discusses […]


Scott Adams writes some of his business ideas on his blog, and he says people react in one of two ways, they tell him either: it’ll never work dumbass or someone’s already doing it dumbass (and they provide a link). Both are valid reactions to any of my business ideas . A few years ago […]


Confucius says “Man without smiling face should not open store” When I lived at Bathurst and St. Clair, in Toronto years ago, there was a steady stream of new businesses opening and closing.  It was great for me, as I loved to try new restaurants, but it got to the point where I could tell […]


I was originally going to stop after 20 wacky business ideas, but I think some people enjoy them (and they’re easy posts to write), so I’ll keep going with them.  Sorry if you’re sick of the whole category of posts (I’ll forgive our regular readers if they skip THESE POSTS – you MUST read everything […]


One of the things that really impressed me when I first met Mike was HOW involved he was in the personal finance blogging community.  When he found a blog he liked, not only would he add it to his RSS reader and start following it (and commenting at it), but he’d dig in and read […]


House Resale Insurance

by Mr. Cheap

This idea is targetted primarily at real estate agents.  Like many other middle-men, the Internet is destroying a previously safe and lucrative market for agents.  Either property sales will shift to be predominantly for-sale-by-owner, or agents are going to have to start adding more value to their role in the process.  This is one way […]


I’ve been reluctant to post many game or book ideas in the Wacky Business Idea series, just because every gamer or reader has TONS of ideas (which are usually pretty lame).  This is one of my best (although probably still lame) video game ideas. In the distant past, computer role-playing games (RPGs) were quite popular.  […]