I agree with Rob Carrick that better disclosure of mutual fund fees and rate of return is worth the extra cost to investors. I’ve already written in the past however, that while I think more mutual fund fee disclosure is good, I doubt it will make much of a difference. Most investors don’t read anything other than […]


Last weeks much anticipated Facebook IPO ( Initial Public Offering – otherwise known as the day Facebook sold part of the company to the public) ended up being a crushing disappointment.  Or so it would seem to anyone reading the negative business media.  I’m of the opinion however, that the IPO was a huge success. […]

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I received a very interesting email from Sandra recently [edited for privacy and to combine several emails] who is trying to locate a locked-in retirement account from 20 years ago: Hi Mike…How can I find a lost vested pension when I don’t know who the RRSP account was with? I worked at Company A until […]


I like to calculate my investment return each year, so I can see how I am doing. My investment return for 2011 was -1.8%.  While this kind of performance won’t secure my retirement any time soon, I was lucky that the numbers weren’t any worse. There were two reasons, I did reasonably well. Low Canadian […]


If you follow the business media, you will notice that they tend to exaggerate everything and take things out of context. Stocks don’t drop one percent, they “drop sharply”. Recent market declines are usually measured from the most recent peak – regardless of how recent or short-lived that peak was. If you left the design […]


Workers who don’t have access to a defined benefit pension are often quite jealous of workers who do. We wish we had something similar, so that we wouldn’t have to worry about our retirement income. A defined benefit pension is where a worker makes regular mandatory contributions during their working career and then receives a […]


Rob Carrick recently wrote an article called Let’s stop hiding the cost of mutual fund fee in which he suggests that unbundling advisor commissions from mutual fund fees will allow investors to understand how much money they are paying for financial advice.  This is a good idea and is in the works for England and […]


I received a question from Lily Leung of who asked about finding a fee-only financial advisor in Toronto for a younger investor: Quick question on financial advisors – a friend was asking me about how to a financial advisor (she’s in Toronto), do you have any suggestions on resources on: 1.) How to select an […]