Will There Be A CoronaVirus (Covid-19) Relief Stimulus Check In 2020?

by Mike Holman

One of the more common questions I get at this site is “Will there be a stimulus check in 2020?”.  Well, surprise, surprise – it looks like there definitely will be a stimulus check in 2020.  A Corona Virus stimulus check to be exact.

Why do people keep asking this question?  Well, back in 2008, the US government gave out $600 stimulus checks to most Americans.  Needless to say this money was very well received and I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind seeing more of those checks.

Who doesn’t like free money?

History of the stimulus check

In 2008, a $600 stimulus check was paid out to most taxpayers in an effort to boost the economy by getting more cash into the hands of people likely to spend it.

In 2009, a $250 stimulus check was sent to all recipients of Social Security (retired people) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) for disabled people.

Will there be a CoronaVirus check this year?

The current administration is working on a giant stimulus bill which contains Corona Virus or Covid-19 stimulus checks.  The amount will be $1,200 per person or $2,400 for a couple.  Parents will get $500 per child under the age of 17.

The payouts get phased out if you make enough money.  The stimulus check will start getting reduced if you make more than $75,000 and will be eliminated if you make more than $99,000.

What is a stimulus check?

A stimulus check is a check mailed out to a significant number of Americans in order to give government tax money to those most likely to spend it and help stimulate the economy.


For the first time in a long time – the American government will be paying out stimulus checks because of the CoronaVirus epidemic.  $1,200 per person is an impressive financial commitment to get the country back on track.

Will there be another $250 stimulus check for SSI recipients?

Will there be another $250 stimulus check for Social Security recipients?



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1 Gloria Brown

Do I have to apply for coronvieus stiumlus check for SS seniors

2 Linda

I think this is unfair to a lot of working Americans why are they going by 2018 a lot of people are over what your asking and how is that fair you have no idea what a lot of us been through in 2018 til 2019 maybe recalculate this and give everyone this stimulant check except for people making over 150000 thousand dollars as our wages don’t match up with the economy we are all still struggling no matter which way you look at it in this time of need we are spending more money for groceries because our kids are not in school and we are also being teachers at home for our children and not getting paid for it but teachers are still getting paid for what we’re doing at home how is that fair we are all struggling no matter which way you look at this matter. So please make it fair and every individual receive the 1200 for each adult and children 500 each.

3 Milagros Baldwin

I hope I get a check I’m not getting enough to pay my bills

4 Cassandra Williams

How do we apply for the stimulus package

5 Leann Fox

Do I get a coronavirus stimulus package if my company is consider to be essential company .I have been finically hit by it also .If My company would shut down I am not eligible for unemployment .I am temp to hire position .

6 delores woodruff

if you are making over 75,000 a year or right at 75000 why would you expect to have a $1,200 stimulus check regardless that your children are out of school grow a garden is what you need to do and and also do not live but beyond your means I think it’s very fair that people under $99,000 are you not going to get this or 75000 whatever but if you fall in that bracket and you don’t have any money that’s because you’re living beyond your means roller garden this summer

7 Patrick

If I owe the IRS for 2018 will I qualify for a stimulus ck? Thank

8 Sandy J Huber

Did you have to file a federal return in order to receive stimulus money? What if you earned NO wage, and are supported by a boyfriend?

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