Courses I’d Like to Take

by Mr. Cheap

Wooly Woman tagged me to post about courses I’d like to take if they were offered. My mind actually jumped to courses I’d like to teach, which probably doesn’t say anything too flattering about me (I’d rather have the chance to force people to listen to me then listen to someone else ;-) ).

Course #1The no BS course for landlording

$300 for 11, 6 hour sessions (over 3 months – 66 hours total), much like the H & R Block tax course. Would cover buying property (running the numbers), dealing with sellers and real estate agents, lawyers, renovating, tenants, etc, etc. Course instructor would have no hidden agenda other then providing information (wouldn’t try to sell the students anything). It would be the opposite of the popular (and scummy) guru crud.

Course #2The Pursuit of Happyness

Without any spirituality or cult stuff, a course that would investigate the meaning of existence, false paths people pursue attempting (and failing) to find happiness, and approaches that do lead to meaningful, fulfilled, happy lives (perhaps with psychological research backing it up)

Course #3Startups for Fun and Profit

A course that would provide the “Coles Notes” of a business education for techies that want to start up their own company. Present ideas from people like Paul Graham and suggest worthwhile books that present non-technical subjects using an approach that would make sense to techies (something like “Selling for Engineers”). Critique business plans and provide connections. Sorta like Y Combinator but easier to get into.

I’ll take Mike, Money Gardener, Growth in Value and Telly (in the comments perhaps?) to continue this meme.

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