LinkStuff – I Am Debt Free Edition

by Mike Holman

After roughly 12 years of being a home owner, we made our last mortgage payment ever which means that we are now debt free!  I don’t think our lives will change all that much as we still have some savings goals to deal with – RRSP, TFSA etc which should suck up some cash.

Regardless, it’s a great feeling.

On with the links

If you are interested in business and entrepreneurship – I wrote a review of the book “Built to Sell” by John Warrillow.  It covers how to make your business less reliant on you and easier to sell.  A similar topic to E-Myth Revisited, which I also reviewed.

I was interviewed by BrighterLife about RESPs.  Surprised?  You can read all about it at: What happens if your child doesn’t go to university?

Canadian Couch Potato in partnership with PWL Capital is giving away some free financial advice. You have to make a charitable donation, but it is for a great cause.

Jennifer Stewart is trying to cut down on excessive kid toys and is asking for RESP gifts at Xmas for her child.  I think this is a great idea, since most kids end up with way too many toys.

Facebook has admitted it made a mistake by not allowing residents of Effin, Ireland to put their hometown on their profiles. Check out the video on the article – funny song.

The Oblivious Investor came up with a good point about investment planning in Asset allocation is not a goal.

Rob Carrick has some good advice – Get your debt to zero in 2012.  Sorry Rob – already done. ;)

I’m heading to Asia in the new year and while I’m not a fan of flying – as long as I don’t have to sit near any RIM employees, I should be ok.  Bizarre story!

A lot of entrepreneurs have grand delusions dreams about owning their own business.  One man decided that working for “the man” isn’t so bad after all.

Canadian Capitalist says an easy solution to high mutual fund MERs is to invest in lower cost products.

Blunt Bean Counter had a good article about individual pension plans.

My Own Advisor figured out the top Canadian REITs.

Michael James came up with a better standard for explaining investment costs.

Million Dollar Journey talks about tax considerations for the self-employed.

Boomer & Echo explains ADRs (American Depository Receipts).

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