December Networth

by Mr. Cheap

Since my move last month, things have been a little bit more expensive. In addition to the extra $170 / month in rent, I’ve been having to pay for applications to schools (~$90 / school) and to order transcripts ($8 each, at least two needed for each school).

Rent – $670
VOIP – $20
internet – $45
variable – $735
total – $1,470

My passive income rose slightly to $313.37, which is about 21% of my current expenses (way down from a high of 26%). Luckily I got the first payment from my passive real estate investment ($500) and payment from a contract I did a while ago ($500), so combined with my income from the condo I’m about even. This is good considering that I’m not working

My stocks were WAY down, until the rally last Tuesday pulled them back up which also helped my networth. It currently stands at:

Mortgage: $92,104.80
E-Trade: $24,790.36
Cash: $6,173.57
Condo: $143,500.00
Building: $12,553.50

Networth: $94,912.63

I took a bit of a risk and bought a bit of Washington Mutual ($2500 worth) mid month on margin. It promptly dropped significantly and has rebounded a bit, but killer dividend yield or not I’m worried I’m red lining in the investments a bit too much (and am probably not going to do any more buying until income starts coming in again or I’ve at least been accepted somewhere).

Like everyone, I expect the holidays to be a bit more expensive then a typical month. I haven’t had to touch my line-of-credit (which is ready and waiting with $20K once I’ve used up my cash) and I’m currently hoping / expecting my cash reserves to last until I start my PhD program (in May or Sept). The University of Alberta and the University of Waterloo are looking like the two strongest contenders right now…

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