Festival of Frugality #125 – Save Some Money If You Are Rich Edition

by Mike Holman

Welcome to the 125th Festival of Frugality!

We have lots of good posts for you today and we’ll also learn how to save money on some higher-end items – because rich people like to save money too! Make sure you submit another post for next week because my friend Mike, The Financial Blogger is hosting.
photo by ArchanaRCars can be very expensive, especially this Lamborghini. I keep seeing a nice black Ferrari that looks like the batmobile driving down my street which is very odd considering it’s probably worth more than most the homes in the area. If I owned a car like that I would save money by washing it myself. I would use the $500/year or so savings and apply it to about two weeks worth of insurance.

Best car washers (editor’s picks)

photo by Lost ConnectionOne of the trappings of the extremely wealthy is that they are not restricted to living in one measly house and maybe a crap shack in the country. No, the mega-rich can buy whatever they want, wherever they want. My suggestion for them however is that they try to buy a cottage that is not too far from where they live in order to save gas. Sure it’s nice to have a cottage in France or on the opposite coast, but gas isn’t getting any cheaper!

Best gas jockeys

Hired help – we all know how expensive it is to have a full complement of hired help these days, gardener, nanny, cook, butler etc. My suggestion here is to try to hire people who can do more than one job. A cook doesn’t need to be cooking all day so maybe he can cook part time and work in the garden or clean the house for the remainder of the work day.

Best French maids

photo by ulterior epicureIf you are entertaining guests on a regular basis then you have probably noticed how the costs of caviar has gone through the roof. For your next get-together, try doing a quick estimate of how many guests you will have, multiply by a reasonable serving per person and only order enough so that you won’t have to throw out thousands of dollars of fish eggs like your last several parties.

Tastiest appetizers

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