Free Book Download (Investing Made Simple) And LinkStuff For Sept 18

by Mike Holman

Free book download

Mike Piper who blogs at the Oblivious Investor wrote a book recently called “Investing Made Simple”.  It’s going to be offered for sale on Amazon but in the meantime he has decided to allow free downloads of the book from his site.  Go check it out.

The best links

Amateur Asset Allocator wrote an excellent post called You can’t judge an action by the result.  A good read.

Brip Blap had a great post on raising kids called why you shouldn’t worry about your children’s future.  Basically he is saying that you can’t influence every aspect of your kid.

Matt Jabs came up with a family compensation plan for minors…otherwise known as an allowanceShould we pay our children allowance?


Other links

ABCs of Investing explains what value investing is.


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Festival of Stocks

Economy and Your Finances Carnival

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