Free Last Minute Tax Filing Software For Students And Low Income Families – QuickTax

by Mike Holman

If you are a Canadian college or university student and want to file your last minute 2008 taxes (which include tuition expenses) then check out the QuickTax Student Online Edition.  The tax return filing software is easy to sign up for and you can’t find a better price than free!

If you thinking about buying tax preparation software then consider software programs such as TurboTax or QuickTax.

Some of the benefits of this software:

  • File electronically with the government – no forms to fill out or mailing.
  • Built for students.  Expert guidance to help post-secondary students with tuition slips T2202A or TL11 do their taxes with ease.
  • Do your taxes anywhere & file online: All you need is a computer & an Internet connection. Plus, easily file online using NETFILE2 to get your return in as few as 8 days.
  • Find deductions: Identifies money-saving opportunities, and helps you find which income tax deductions you qualify for
  • Watch your refund grow: Updates & displays your refund as you complete your return.
  • Carry-forward 2007 data: Use QuickTax last year? Carry forward your 2007 QuickTax return.
  • In-product Live Community: Get answers to your tax questions right when you need them – from other QuickTax users
  • Plus! Get the help you need – with technical support via email, chat or phone (fees may apply).

How do I qualify for free tax filing software

  1. You paid tuition in 2008 (and have a T2202A or its equivalent).
  2. Your household income (you & your spouse) is $20,000 or less.

Don’t worry about filling out your tax return and not qualifying as a student or low income family  – you can still use the return you filled out but will be charged $14.95.

NEW! Audit Defence

If you are concerned about being audited by the CRA then don’t – with Audit Defence on your side. In the event that the CRA audits you, Audit Defence connects you with an experienced tax professional who will:

* Deal directly with the CRA on your behalf
* Help to minimize CRA penalties, if they occur

This last feature might help you avoid an expensive tax attorney.

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1 MoneyEnergy

Have you ever tried I used it as an undergraduate, and still do – it carries forward all your past years and amounts as well, and it’s cheap. You can also see your return update throughout the whole process. I’ve found it very user-friendly.

2 Four Pillars

ME – I haven’t – I’ve been using something called Acetax t1 filer (or something like that) for the past few years. I plan to try something new next year.

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