Friday Linkstuff

by Mike Holman

That’s right – the link post is moving from Saturday to…well this week it will be Friday. :) We’ve decided to do the link post during the week and cut back on one of the regular posts.  Summer hours!  :)

First off – Squawkfox did a very creative and exciting job on the stripped down, bare necessities version of Festival of Frugality – her best move was picking Mr. Cheap’s Everyman’s guide to earning $30/month in passive income post as a “tighty whitey”. If nothing else then please go and check out the photos and find out what a “tighty whitey” is.

Where Does All My Money Go did a neat video on how to read a stock quote – it’s a beginner type tutorial but if you want to hear the soothing sound of Preet’s silky voice then check it out.

Million Dollar Journey is wondering if BCE is a buying opportunity.

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