Friday Post

by Mike Holman

Just wanted to let you know there will be no post on Friday. I’ve been out of town and very busy and I haven’t gotten my post ready.

Monday I’ll have my last post for baby items – then a few posts on other baby related costs like wills, insurance, resp etc.

I wanted to leave you with one thought for the weekend – I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the last few days visiting in a hospital which I found quite depressing because of all the sick people there. It made me realize that while there is nothing wrong with sedentary activities like blogging, surfing, reading & watching tv, it’s important to take advantage of your physical abilities while you still have them. There will come a time when all you will be able to do is watch tv, so I think it’s worthwhile to make the time for walking, hiking, gardening – whatever physical activities you like to do, because someday those options won’t be there for you.

On that upbeat note – have a great weekend!

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