Getting Fired

by Mr. Cheap

For those who may have missed the announcement, krystal from “Give Me Back My Bucks” was fired last week. I’ve been wanting to write something on her blog, or e-mail her, or post something but have been holding off as the last thing I want to do is make her feel worse (so its more important than usual to actually make sure I express what I want to convey).

To shift the conversation back to me (which I love to do), I’ve been fired twice. I’ve “mutually gone separate ways” from other jobs / contracts more than twice. It sucks.

I was sitting around one time with a group of people (this was after I’d been fired once), and they were all stating with pride that they’d never been fired. I kept my mouth shut and nodded approvingly as they patted themselves on that back. This felt really crappy.

To shift from a depressing topic to a more depressing topic (happy Canadian Thanksgiving!) supposedly miscarriages are far more common then people realize. No one talks about them, so people are shocked when they lose a baby, then traumatised and they never talk it. This makes it even more painful for couples in the future who go through the same thing without warning (its a vicious cycle). I think getting fired is similar. Lots of people probably go through it, then they keep their mouths shut and don’t talk about it. Then people who do get shit-canned feel like they’re the only ones its ever happened to and that makes them feel even worse about an already crappy experience.

After getting fired the second time I had, not necessarily what I’d call a breakdown but definitely an “extended period of self-reflection”. I spent about 6 months playing Everquest, drinking instant french vanilla coffee and eating bagels with cream cheese (I wasn’t working and lived off of my savings during this time).

I think possibly these two negative experiences early on contributed to my aversion to 9-5 work and why I want to ideally be financially self-sufficient, or at the very least be captain of my own ship when it comes to earning a living. To this day, if I’m having a bad day and I see “higher ups” at a company I’m working at talking discretely I start getting paranoid.

Getting back to you Krystal. You’re a super-star! Your blog is proof of what a great communicator you are, and you shouldn’t doubt yourself because some silly people at a company thought you needed to be part of their clique. As much as North American society puts a large emphasis on our job and skills in our chosen profession, you’re more than what you do, and don’t let arbitrary staffing decisions at some company lead you to doubt yourself. Perhaps this company is being incompetently run, maybe they’re total idiots who are hurting themselves by letting you go, only time will tell…

Its great that you’ve jumped right back on the wagon at your old position, it sounds like they’re happy to have you back, which says nothing but good things about you. Perhaps 10 years from now you’ll look back and decide that not wasting any more time at your old company is the best thing that ever happened to you. I’m doubtful (having gone through the experience myself) that spending a lot of time doubting yourself will lead you to any great insights or understanding. Bad things happen to good people unfortunately.

Happy Thanksgiving Krystal and congratulations on the terrific person you are and all the wonderful things you have to be thankful for!

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