Globe & Mail Mention and RESP Book Reviews and Giveaways

by Mike Holman

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting on the phone with Rob Carrick – who most of you know as Canada’s premier personal finance journalist with the Globe & Mail.


Financial Highway also did a great review and is also hosting a giveaway.

  • This book is highly recommended.

  • Some of the charts in the book could (should) be cut and pasted to the government’s RESP site. I especially liked the one section where he used the lead in: “What This Means”, followed by “Just to Clarify”. For the reader, it’s not a ‘dumbing down’  exercise– his clarification process is both valuable and refreshing.

  • Sure, you can spend countless hours using web searches to locate a lot of this material, but you simply won’t get the clarity and conciseness that Holman’s process offers.

Canadian Finance Blog did a nice review and is also hosting a book giveaway.

  • I recommend The RESP Book to any new parents that want to help contribute to their child’s post-secondary education, but are not sure where to start or how it all works. Mike Holman’s book provides everything you need to know about RESPs in an easy to read 115 pages.

Canadian Dream wrote a review and is also continuing his book giveaway contest.

  • The book is just full of useful information to help you navigate the world of RESPs and better yet, he provides examples to help illustrate the complex parts.

  • Regardless of how familiar you are with RESPs, you are likely going to learn something about how they work in this book.

Sorry about the lack of a regular post this week. I was sick, my wife was sick, the kids were sick. My only goal for the week was to get healthy enough to be able to escape to work. :)

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