LinkStuff – Halloween Edition

by Mike Holman

Happy Halloween in advance!

Pushups update

I had a question about the pushup challenge recently, so I thought it was time for an update. I’m still doing them faithfully twice a week, however I’m not making much progress in terms of the numbers.

I’m doing sets of 10,13,10,10 and around 30 for the final set. I can’t seem to increase that, although maybe I need to push (no pun intended) a bit harder?

Weight is still fine – I’m up a couple of pounds ( 176.5 lb the other day), but working on it. I think I might try to get down to 170 lb.  This might be difficult as I normally excercise less in the winter.

A couple of new books

There were a number of new books released recently, all written by fellow bloggers. Here are two of them and next week I’ll talk about the third one.  Both these books are for an audience who probably don’t read this blog, so if you know someone who could benefit from either book – please let them know about it.

Martin from has written a comprehensive guide called Completely Conquer Credit Before You Hit 30.  As you might have guessed from the title, the book is geared towards helping 20 somethings get out of debt and avoid debt.  I met Martin a few weeks ago in Chicago for the first time, which is funny considering we used to live a few blocks apart here in Toronto.  Very nice guy.

And not to be outdone – John from Holy Potato has also written an e-book called Potato’s Short Guide to DIY Investing, which is a good intro to investing for Canadians.

On with the links

Blunt Bean Counter had a very good post for anyone thinking about starting a business.

Krystal had an amusing story about the waitress who added in her own tip.  Read the comments.

Oblivious Investor had an excellent article on Investing based on market valuation and why he doesn’t do it.

Retire Happy Blog had some good advice about working better with your advisor.

Rob Carrick says that someone has to stand up for the financial ombudsman. I agree.

Canadian Capitalist asks the question Where are the financial plans?

Echo is complaining that IKEA is killing his finances.  I suggest shopping at the dollar store.

Canadian Finance Blog asks what your tipping policy is.

Michael James warns of the Chinese real estate boom. If their real estate crashes – so does our stock market.

My Own Advisor reviews the book The Elements of Investing.

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