How Do You Mail Letters That You Need To Arrive?

by Mr. Cheap

I recently had an unsettling experience. My landlord seems like a bit of a scatterbrain (I sent my rent check the first month, and she CLAIMED she didn’t receive it until 2 weeks later). Not wanting to have a repeat of this situation, I sent my next letter registered. It was recorded at Canada Post that they attempted to deliver it and she wasn’t home they left a notice. On the 3rd of the next month, she sends me a nasty e-mail claiming my rent is late.

After I sent her the information to track the parcel (and walked her through how to look it up), she calls me back and says that she never got the notice and the post office is telling her they lost the package.

I called Canada Post up myself, they said that the local office shouldn’t have said that, that they need to launch an investigation to try to track down the package before they declare it lost and would call me back within 5 business days. The woman assured me that if they lost it they’d refund my postage and refund what it cost me to cancel the check (I told her the package contained a check and a lease). I was a little put out that that’s the only compensation they were offering.

They never called back.

I called, talked to an unpleasant man who says they declared the package missing the day after I called and that their records showed they had called and left a message (they hadn’t). He said a check had been sent to refund my postage and that they wouldn’t refund my canceled check fee ($12.50). He didn’t even apologize for Canada Post losing the letter.

TD Canada Trust, my main bank for checking, happily charged me the $12.50, but warned me that they don’t guarantee that it will actually be canceled (huh?). Instead, they’ll try their best, but if someone cashes the canceled check, I’m on the hook for it. Nice business idea, charge people money and tell them that they MAY get what they paid for. I’m glad to be a bank owner so I benefit from some of their crookedness!

I find it shocking that Canada Post is losing REGISTERED mail, and couldn’t care less. This is the first time its happened to me, but from their attitude it seems like this is a regular occurance and they don’t really care.

To pay my rent I e-mailed my landlord money and scanned and e-mailed the lease document. My landlord wanted post dated checks for the remainder of the lease, but I’m hesitant to lose a bunch of checks (and have to pay $12.50 each to MAYBE cancel them).

How do you ship important things that you need to get to their destination? Has Canada Post / US Postal Service lost your mail? Has FedEx or any of the other commercial carriers lost mail on you? How did they handle it when the mail was lost?

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