How Not To Sell Your House

by Mike Holman

I wasn’t sure whether to call this post “Canada’s stupidest people” or the title you see above.  This post is in the same vein as another post I wrote a while ago about bad for-sale-by-owner signs.

I recently read an article about a family in Ontario that is trying to sell their “haunted house”.  To quickly summarize the article –

Family bought dream home, realized it was haunted, moved out and is paying mortgage plus rent, put house up for sale while holding press conferences to talk about exactly how haunted the house is.

Here are three thoughts I wanted to address – feel free to add any of your own!

Why advertise the fact that the house is haunted if you are trying to sell it?

According to the article, only the locals knew the house was haunted – so why do you want to scare away the rest of the potential buyers?  If I was trying to sell a haunted house – I would not say anything about ghosts, apparitions, witches, goblins, gremlins – even if they were all partying nightly at the house every night.

These people are nuts

I don’t believe in ghosts and while I have no idea what these people are up to – either they are crazy or trying to pull some sort of scam.  The odd thing is that it is not just 1 or 2 people involved – there is a couple and their 2 younger kids who all refuse to go into the house (according to the mother at least).

They left their possessions behind

“We left our things behind because we were scared that we would take whatever it is that’s here, with us”

This is kind of a part 2 to both of my first points – 1)  It drives home the point that this house is clearly not worth buying so why are they telling everyone?  2)  Not only are they nuts – they are really, really nuts!

I’m skeptical

I really have a hard time believing that everything in this story is exactly as presented.  I think some young journalist out there who is looking for an interesting story to break should go and talk to the family (hopefully not in tongues) and find out what is really going on.  Offer to spend a night in the house and see if you make it out alive – if nothing else, you should end up with a good article.

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