H&R Block Tax Course

by Mr. Cheap

Some time ago I posted that I was going to take H&R Block’s tax course (Telly recommended against it). I signed up, paid my $300 fee, went to the first class, and dropped out afterwards.

Telly’s warning was 100% on target. Henceforth, I intend to do anything Mike *OR* Telly tell me to. My one fear is that they’ll give me conflicting instructions…

The course focused on VERY SLOW learners. When he was “teaching us” how to fill out the name and address portion of the tax form, the instructions said to put “YOUR CITY and YOUR PROVINCE in the blanks”. Pretty self-explanatory, right? He told us, LITERALLY 5 or 6 times “now, here you’re going to put Toronto, or Mississauga, or whatever your city is in the blank, don’t write your city!”. The second time he said it, I looked at him and smiled (I assumed he was joking), he gave me an encouraging grin and a nod back, which clearly said “people have made this mistake before”.

If you thinking about buying tax preparation software then consider software programs such as TurboTax or TurboTax Canada (formerly QuickTax).

This course also didn’t cover business income or income from rental properties, two areas that I was very interested in learning about. In the end I figured I could spend 66 hour and teach myself more than I’d learn at the slow pace in the class.

Luckily, they give very generous refunds near the beginning of the course (I think I got 80% of my fee returned to me). Unless you’re a fairly slow learner, or you want to work for H&R Block (I think that’s why a lot of people take the course), I’d just buy some books at Chapters and read through them for 6 hours every week.

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