January Networth

by Mr. Cheap

Now that the last of the paychecks have come in, the reality of not working has hit. Holiday excess added up as well (I was “off the wagon” with food and money over the holidays). I was up to 172 lbs, and am now back on a more controlled diet (pistachios and gingerbread men got the better of me). I also dropped a fair bit networth wise (although the market is as much to blame as I am :-) ).

Mortgage: $91,951.09
E-Trade: $20,232.88
Cash: $5,015.93
Condo: $143,500.00
Building: $12,553.50

Networth: $89,351.22

This is a cash drop of a little over $1K, and a networth drop of a little over $5K. As Kurt Vonnegut would say “so it goes”.

All the applications are in for PhD work, so now it’s just a waiting game. I’m cautiously optimistic, and expect to be starting in either May or September.

If I had cash to spare right now, I’d still be looking at US and Canadian banks (probably BAC in the US, any of the big 5 here in Canada). Real estate wise, I’m always impressed when I look at what Windsor multiplexes are selling for (an 18% vacancy rates leads to good deals on property).

My passive income is up a bit at $319.96. This isn’t even close to enough to live off of, but it should “cushion the blow” in the coming months when there won’t be a lot of cash coming in. This will drop once Washington Mutual “officially” cuts their dividend (those dirty rats).

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