LinkStuff – CBC Appearance And Pushups Edition

by Mike Holman

I was fortunate to be a guest on the CBC radio program “Ontario Today” this week.  I was a stressed-out, nervous wreck for a couple of days beforehand, but I managed to get through it without sounding like a complete moron.  :)

Here is the link to the show if you wish to listen.  The show was quite interesting – lots of great callers.

A related link – James Altucher says he’s never owning a home again.

100 pushups

I’ve been working very hard on the 100 pushup challenge. Unfortunately, as I predicted, the program is too aggressive. I’ve already had to repeat 2 workouts because I couldn’t do all the required pushups.  Stupid gravity!

I think finishing the program in six weeks is too optimistic and I’d like to do a longer time line. The hundred pushup challenge only has one “stream”, so I made my own. From now on I’m going to do each workout twice before moving on. This effectively turns it into an 11 week program (I’m in the 2nd week) which is a lot more realistic (for me, at least).

The downside of the more aggressive 6-week program is that you feel like you have failed whenever you have to repeat a day. By planning to repeat each workout, I’m hoping the experience will be a bit more positive.

On with the links

Jeremy from GenX wrote a fantastic investing article called This is why you can’t make money in the stock market. Read it.

Ken Jennings from Jeopardy fame needs some help after getting ripped off by Europcar.

Financial Uproar had a sad story about a poor retirement plan.

Sustainable Personal Finance has 34 house staging tips.

The Blunt Bean Counter gives us Reading Financial Statements for Dummies.  A great primer for someone who is interested in analyzing stocks.

Million Dollar Journey is on a real estate kick. Canadians buying property in Florida has a lot of interesting comments too.

Canadian Capitalist hopes that the abusive charity crackdown will continue after the election.

Rob Carrick says that smart investing decisions are hard to make.

MacLeans wonders if the CMCH responsible for a Canadian housing bubble?

David Milstead from the Globe & Mail, thinks that the rumoured Groupon IPO is no bargain.

Michael James almost had to hire a private investigator to determine some minimum RRIF withdrawal amounts.

Retire Happy blog says know your spending.

Boomer and Echo categorizes different purchasing styles.

Preet has a really good investing lesson:  Stick to your investing plan.

A few American links

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