LinkStuff For June 1 – Zoo Visit And Creative Topic Theme

by Mike Holman

We went to the Toronto zoo yesterday – it was pretty good but since our kids are so young, I don’t think they get much out of it.  It can be pretty expensive, however we used an Aeroplan gift card so it didn’t cost us much.  I was telling Frugal Trader that I thought a zoo visit isn’t really worthwhile until kids are 6 or 7 – does anyone out there have any experience with this?  Of course it doesn’t hurt to bring toddlers to the zoo – only that it’s a lot of money and hassle.  Zoo money tip – bring ALL your own food.  We bought 4 slices of pizza and it cost $18.  It was good though (very greasy & salty).  :)

Creative posts

One of the things I like the most in blog posts is creative topics – ways to save money when grocery shopping just doesn’t pique my interest.  Here are a few posts that I thought were quite good and had creative topics:

  • Pinyo from Moolanomy had a good post called “Never say we can’t afford it“.  I’m not sure about the ‘never’ part but I tend to say this a lot even though it would be more accurate to say something about how it doesn’t fit in the budget or our financial goals.
  • Ron from the Wisdom Journal wrote about the “left digit“.  A very interesting post which talks about the effect of prices and how consumers don’t really roundup when comparison shopping.
  • Weakonomics wrote about the Ikea effect and why his blog is so much better than this one (which isn’t hard).
  • Jeff from Good Financial Cents had an entertaining guest post on the art of manliness blog (yes, there is such a thing) called How to be a financial stud.

And one other thing – MSN Smart Spending was kind of enough to feature one of my posts for the first time and they were very complimentary –   Is that frugal tactic worth it?


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