LinkStuff – Globe & Mail Online Chat Edition

by Mike Holman

On Wednesday I participated in a Globe & Mail online Q&A chat on RESPs – you can read all the questions and answers here.

The Q&A was a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect in the way of questions, but there were a lot of good topics covered. Thanks to Roma Luciw and Katherine Scarrow for setting it up.

The Globe & Mail also published an excerpt from my e-book “How to withdraw from your RESP” this week.

For those keeping track at home, I was in the Globe twice last week and twice this week. I’m wondering when they will have had enough of me? :)

On with the links

Dan Ariely says that investment advisors ask the wrong questions when discussing retirement planning.

Blunt Bean Counter had a good article called Who is your wealth management quarterback?

Echo is sitting around and wondering what he should do about his RRSP.

Michael James warns that some brokerages won’t give you the preferred rate unless you ask.

My Own Advisor reveals his favourite Canadian equity ETFs.

The Oblivious Investor discusses a conflict in retirement savings. Is the money for living or for your estate?

A few more links

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