LinkStuff – New Carnivals Edition

by Mike Holman

This week, I’d like to highlight a few carnivals of Canadian content that have started recently:

  • The Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival just ran it’s 5th edition and is chock full of top Canadian personal finance and investing articles.  Go check it out.
  • Rachelle from Land Lord Rescue is starting a Canadian Real Estate Carnaval.  This should be pretty interesting – it runs every two weeks starting on September 30.
  • Tom from Canadian Finance Blog has also started a carnival which features Canadian personal finance content.  Here is the 1st edition.

On with the links

Rob Carrick wrote a very useful article on how to save money with your online broker.

Canadian Capitalist gives a thumb down on the new Horizons BetaPro TSX60 ETF.  It’s very, very cheap but might not be worth the risk.  As I said in the comments – this ETF is competing against XIU which is already a great deal.  They should have picked a different sandbox to play in.

Michael James looks at a recent report which says that 60% of Canadians would be in financial trouble if their paycheck were delayed 1 week.  As Michael points out – this doesn’t really mean much.

My Own Advisor is happy with his RioCan purchase.  I used to own RioCan as well, but then I sold it.

Larry MacDonald reviewed Pensionize Your Nest Egg.  I’d review it too, if my review copy ever shows up. :)

The Oblivious Investor explains why you should plan for retirement, even if you plan to never retire.

Free From Broke explains asset allocation.

The Financial Blogger says that the housing bubble is not going to burst.

Boomer and Echo says that women need to be involved in family finances.

Million Dollar Journey teaches us about corporate bonds.

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