LinkStuff – Priceline Non-Savings Edition

by Mike Holman

I just finished booking a hotel room in downtown Toronto using I was curious about how Priceline worked and how much money it would save. Unfortunately, I made a mistake when I entering the bids and ended up with an extra hotel room which cost me $116. Oops!

Oh well – I’ll be posting on the experience in a few weeks.

On with the links

Landlord Rescue had a good post called 11 Biggest lies in real estate investing.

Financial Uproar came out with another edition of Hot blogger chicks gone wild.

How to save money asks Is this morally wrong? He bought an item, started using it, noticed the price went down, bought another item at the lower price and then returned the new item with the old (higher) receipt.

Million Dollar Journey had a guest post which explains why a strong loonie doesn’t mean lower prices for imported products.

Larry Swedroe asks if Bill Miller’s stock picks will make you rich. Miller was an “allstar” money manager for about 15 years. Then he was one of the worst managers.

Retire Happy blog has a new allowance/work for pay program for his kids. I really like this idea.

Boomer and Echo is sad because Everyone is going to Vegas except him. ;)

Rob Carrick is Singing the home insurance blues. Rob says that you should change insurance companies every year to save money.

Krystal wrote a great post called It’s your job, but is it your passion? You don’t need the perfect job to have a great life.

I recently found this amusing blog called Spousonomics. It’s hard to describe, but it basically talks about relationships and economics in a very funny way.

Dianne Nice tells How to get good deals on children’s sports. I need to bookmark this one.

Michael James says that the safety of 5-year fixed mortgages is exaggerated. Great post.

Canadian Personal Finance blog says you can call the CRA. I do this all the time – very helpful.

Oblivious Investor shows How to plan for uneven retirement spending.

Canadian Capitalist notes that Home insurance premiums are going up.

And finally – I always thought I had the dullest blog in the world. Apparently, that is not the case.

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