LinkStuff – Summer is Ending and the Famous Author Tour Edition

by Mike Holman

With the hot weather we’ve been in enjoying in Toronto, it’s hard to believe that September is only a few weeks away. September will bring changes to the temperature as well as school for younger folks. It will also bring my announcement of the big project I’ve been working on, and big changes for this blog. :)

Author visits

One of the highlights of this summer has been meeting up with a couple of published authors. I had the good fortune to meet up with Preet from who wrote “RRSPS: The definitive book on RRSPS” as well as Kerry (and her hubby Carl) from who wrote “397 Ways to save money“. Both of them are very interesting and I look forward to meeting up again in the future.

On with the links

Michael James says ETFs are dead. I respectively have to disagree. ETFs are an investment structure similar to the way that a mutual fund is an investment structure. There is nothing in the ETF manual that says anything about fees limits, indexes or passive/active management. If you create an ETF, you can put whatever investments you want inside, buy and sell according to whatever methodology you feel like, charge a 25% MER and it’s still an ETF. The fact that some people have associated the term “”ETF”” with a more specific definition does not make that definition so.

Invest It Wisely learned a good lesson about avoiding time share scams on holiday. Unfortunately, holidays are when we tend to let our guard down about this sort of thing.

The Financial Blogger, channeling Garth Turner predicts that the Canadian housing market is the next bubble to pop. Mike, didn’t you just buy a new house? ;)

The Oblivious Investor likes Benjamin Graham’s take on asset allocation. But implementing might not be that easy.

Million Dollar Journey tells us how he calculates the dividend payout ratio. Like all financial ratios, this one isn’t enough to buy or sell a stock on – but it’s a good ratio to consider along with many other factors.

Canadian Capitalist shows that credit card exchange rates are too high. You should get a US$ credit card to go with your US$ bank account.

Preet argues about Warren Buffet with a disgruntled readers. I’ve always thought Buffet is overrated myself.

Speaking of Buffet, Larry MacDonald says that investing in what Buffet invests in, is (was?) a profitable investing strategy.

For the bloggers

Blogthority has some solutions for the Akisment spam dungeon.


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