LinkStuff – Tour de France Edition

by Mike Holman

Any cycling fans out there? I’ve managed to convert my wife to an avid fan.   This year’s Tour de France was quite exciting and you just can’t beat the scenery and interesting historic buildings along the route.

It looks like Contador will win this year. I am cheering for Schleck, but I always thought Contador was the favourite.

On with the links

Larry MacDonald looks at the book How to buy at maximum pessimism. I’ve tried to do this by switching some of my bond etfs to equity when the market tanks. So far it’s worked fairly well.

Preet has an infographic showing 40 years of asset class performance.

Canadian Capitalist says that Canadians don’t need to add commodities to their portfolio. I agree.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog says that interest rates are skyrocketing!!!!!

Squawkfox is giving away a free windfall planner worksheet. Now if she would just tell me how to get that windfall.

The Financial Bloggers offers everything you need to know about income trusts.

Million Dollar Journey deciphers the insurance puzzle.

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