Manulife Dividend Cut and Links

by Mike Holman

Manulife Financial cut its dividend by a whopping 50%.  They still made $1.8 billion in Q2 so if anything it’s probably a good buy since the stock dipped 15% today.   The company hasn’t done a good job managing the risk of its variable-annuity products over the last few years so this move was made to improve the balance sheet and lower risk.

This just goes to show that diversification is a key strategy in investing.  It also shows that stock picking is hard – it doesn’t matter how well a company is doing or how long it has been doing it – you just don’t know what is really going on inside.  Some good financial statement analysis can go a long way.

Some links

Million Dollar Journey talks about the purpose behind your financial goals.

Canadian Capitalist had a neat post on the merits of investing in collectibles such as rare stamps and coins.

Where Does All My Money Go found the impossible – free investment management.

Bible Money Matters goes through his experience with signing up for Lending Club peer to peer lending.

Cash Money Life has some unexpected ways a baby can change your budget.  Patrick should know since he just had a baby.

Moolanomy explains how to find the best online high yield bank accounts.  (American)

Military Finance Network goes over Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.


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