Essential Baby Items

by Mike Holman

When a parent is describing a toy/item they bought for the child and they say it is “essential” or a “life saver” – what they really mean is that it worked well for them and their child.  While it’s good to hear positive reviews, don’t assume you will get the same results.


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Another item to consider is real estate – a lot of these baby devices take up a lot of space, so if you live in a smaller house with smaller rooms, you have to make hard choices about what stuff to get.

On with the list

Swing - This is one of the items that is often most highly praised by new parents – I know several who said it was best thing they had for keeping the kid occupied/quiet for a while.  However – not all kids like the swing.  Our son for example, wasn’t that keen on it – we had borrowed one from friends and tried him out on it several times, but in the end we decided to give it back.

Playpen/Pack’n’Play – I would say these are essential for travel, assuming your child can sleep on their own.  They fold up into a relatively small package and are easy to set up.  Some people use them to keep the kid contained, but we found the exersaucer was a better device for that purpose.

Baby carrier – This is another item where different baby carriers and different babies can make all the difference.  Our son liked being carried as a newborn, but his parents were never that comfortable with using a carrier, so he mostly rode in a stroller.  Our second child refused to be in a stroller for the first 4 months, so she got carried in a Snugli carrier which worked out well.  We also tried a baby Buddha carrier, but our daughter didn’t like it very much.

Playmat – I’m not too keen on these at all.  We purchased one for $70 for our son and  he didn’t really like it.  The fact is that a newborn is happy just looking at normal items and doesn’t need a “special” learning mat for development.  We have a small living room and the mat takes up a lot of space.  Another problem now is that it is hard to use the mat with our daughter because my son (2) is running around a lot and is a danger to anyone (ie my daughter) on the playmat.

Jolly Jumper – We had one of these, but never even bothered to set it up.  I’ve seen babies use them and it can be very entertaining!

Exersaucer – We found this quite useful for our kids since they were both entertained by it.  It’s great for containing the child if the parent is busy for a few minutes.  This device has a limited time period – you can’t put the kid in if they are too young and once they start crawling around/walking they will be a lot less interested in being trapped in the exersaucer.

Bumbo – This is the biggest ripoff since pet rocks.  $65 for a piece of shaped foam?  We bought one of course and although we did get some use out of it – I would recommend not buying one unless you can get a used one very cheap.  We were able to sell it for $30, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Booster seat – This is the seat you strap onto a chair and the baby sits in it.   We found these to be awesome because they take up a lot less space than a high-chair.  The baby needs to able to hold their head up by themselves before using.

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Do you have any “must have” or “must not have” baby items you’d like to share?

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