Introducing A New Writer At Four Pillars – Jay

by Mike Holman

Hi there, my name is Jay Harris.  I am a 21 year old guy living in Vancouver, B.C. I’ve been considering organizing my finances for a while now, but while I was a student I never felt that I was making/spending enough money to justify the effort of creating/maintaining a budget. However, having run out of money for school and being forced to find gainful employment – and with the hope that I will be able to save up enough money to return to school and finish my degree – I am today starting down the road of financial accountability, and I would like to invite you all to participate with me.

I will be penning a weekly article here on Four Pillars chronicling my exploration of this scary new world of financial accountability. Seeing as you may choose to read these articles from here on out, there are a few things that you should know.

  1. I’m not writing as an expert; I doubt you will ever see me do an “answer the reader’s questions” article on budgeting here on Four Pillars.
  2. I believe that budgeting my time to be at least equally as important as financial budgeting is, and I will be spending equal amounts of time covering the financial costs of things as well as the time cost/benefits of things.
  3. I am young, and while it is true that sometimes I feel like I have all the answers, this is not one of those times. I would greatly appreciate feedback and advice in the comments section. I am – for all intents and purposes – Four Pillar’s very own sentient budget lab rat with access to the internet. Don’t be afraid to blast me if you think I’m wrong, but please offer a counterpoint when you do so.

Okay, that’s about all I’ve got to say for the moment.  Next week I will take an in-depth look at my financial situation, my immediate and long term goals, as well as what kind of budget system I’m using to reach those goals.

Again, I’m really excited to be doing this, and I hope you all can help me as I try to implement solid budgeting skills that will hopefully stick with me for the rest of my life

I can’t promise to make budgeting sexy, but I will try to make it fun.

Many thanks to Mike for allowing me to have this opportunity; I sincerely hope that I can become an excellent addition to Four Pillars.

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