Dave Ramsey Post Rebuttal and LinkStuff for June 29

by Mike Holman

Last week Not The Jet Set took the time to post a rebuttal to my “Is Dave Ramsey a Financial Expert?” post.  I think this is the first time someone has actually created a post based on one of my posts so I was quite flattered.  NTJS is clearly a big Dave Ramsey fan so needless to say he wasn’t overly happy with my analysis – but that’s ok.  I thought he made a lot of good points – especially his comment that investing while in debt is the same as borrowing to invest.  I do however have to take issue with his claim to having mutual funds that have averaged 15%+ over the last 40 years.  Unless Bernie Madoff was the fund manager, then I find that hard to believe.  :)

Newsweek had a neat post about a journalist who covered a story on real estate investing and then bought a rental property of his own – unseen.  When he finally went to visit the place it turns out he was an accidental slumlord.

Weakonomics has a question for Habitat for Humanity – Why are you still building houses?

PaidTwice unfortunately lost her father a few months ago – read this incredibly bizarre story about how her Mom and brother went to cancel a Verison phone contract.   The store employees said the contract auto-renewed and couldn’t be cancelled by anyone but the deceased (that’s exactly what they said).  After 3.5 hours…3.5 hours! the contract was cancelled.  Those employees should all be fired.

The Rest of the Links

Million Dollar Journey tells us all he knows about the birds and the bees.

Preet has an idea for a great Father’s Day gift – yes, I wouldn’t mind something like this… :)

Want some ideas for (late) Father’s Day gifts? Look no further – Squawkfox tells a great story and has some ideas (which don’t cost any money).

Financial Blogger has 3 tricks to make you more productive.

The Dividend Guy bought some fixed income for his portfolio.

The Oblivious Investor talks about index funds and efficient markets.

Money Ning has some suggestions on saving money each month.

Good Financial Cents has 107 things that make good financial cents.

Canadian Capitalist says that professional investors follow the herd just like us amateurs.

The Intelligent Speculator has more on Microsoft going under.

Investing School says don’t listen to financial experts.


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