November Networth

by Mr. Cheap

I’ve moved again and am not working any more (lots of changes for me, that’s life in the cheap lane I guess). My new cost of living is:

Rent – $670
VOIP – $22.45
internet – $45
variable – ~$580
total – $1,317

My passive income is at $311.47 (there was a nice little $11 / month dividend increase from my ROC stock), which is covering just under 24% of my new cost of living. This means I’m bleeding about $1K / month while applying for grad school.

In terms of networth and cash, I actually improved my cash position by $634 this month (got my final check from where I was working right before the end of the month).

This puts my networth figures at:

Mortgage: $92,296.12
E-Trade: $24,831.02
Cash: $6,414.83
Condo: $143,500.00
Building: $12,553.50 (what I put into it, it’ll take a bit more time before I can make any sort of estimate what my position is worth)

Networth: $94,812.58

as of November 1st.

With no significant money coming in, my plans are mostly to stay the course (there isn’t a lot of costs for me to cut, unfortunately), get the ball rolling with grad school applications, then look around for something to bring in a bit of cash until I start (perhaps some contract programming, perhaps a short term business venture, perhaps something else, any suggestions?).

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