How To Win A House Bidding War

by Mike Holman

There are some hot real estate markets in Canada, namely Toronto and Vancouver.  One of the results of a hot market is a tendency for sellers to underprice their houses in order to create a bidding war.  This benefits the seller because it speeds up the selling process and they might get an above-market sale […]

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LinkStuff – Model Train Show Edition

by Mike Holman

Recently, I took my family to the Model Railroad Club of Toronto show.  If you ever get a chance to attend this show or something similar in your city, I strongly urge you to do so. I’m not really into model trains myself, but the club has been working on their display since 1938 and it […]

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How To Find A Lost Locked-In Retirement Account

by Mike Holman

I received a very interesting email from Sandra recently [edited for privacy and to combine several emails] who is trying to locate a locked-in retirement account from 20 years ago: Hi Mike…How can I find a lost vested pension when I don’t know who the RRSP account was with? I worked at Company A until […]

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LinkStuff – Valentine’s Day Edition

by Mike Holman

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share this true love story: My daughter (age 3) tells me every day: “Daddy, I love you.  I don’t love you as much as I love Mommy, but I still love you a lot”.  I’m thinking an appropriate response might be “Honey, I love you.  […]

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Who Controls Withdrawals From RESP Account?

by Mike Holman

Leah asked the following RESP question: When my daughter was 6 in 1999 she did some acting and her dad put $21,000 in an RESP with his name as subscriber and her name and her two younger brothers as beneficiaries. The fund dropped dramatically (Science and Technology) and years later she is almost 19, studying […]

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LinkStuff – Andrew Hallam, Millionaire Teacher Edition

by Mike Holman

Andrew Hallam is a Canadian teaching in Singapore who wrote a best selling book called Millionaire Teacher.   I had the pleasure of meeting up with Andrew recently in Singapore and even went running with him several times.  Andrew is a pretty good runner, but he was nice enough to slow down, so I could […]

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The RESP Book Kindle E-book – Half Priced Sale

by Mike Holman

I finally got around to getting an e-book version of The RESP Book created and it is now available from the Kindle store on  Note that you can read a Kindle book on your computer – you don’t need an e-book reader. I’ve decided to have a special sale for my readers only and […]

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My Online Opinion On Online Opinions

by Mike Holman

I’m on holiday this week, so I thought it would be oh so much fun to republish an ancient post (Sept 2008), which most readers haven’t seen before.  Enjoy! Online opinions and reviews are everywhere.  If you are doing some online shopping, it’s almost impossible to go to a site offering merchandise that doesn’t allow […]

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