RESP Canada Learning Bond (CLB) – Why Aren’t More People Claiming it?

by Mike Holman

Part of the Canadian RESP program is a grant, inappropriately named the Canada Learning Bond (CLB). The “Canada Learning” makes sense, but I have no idea why the word “bond” was used. In actual fact the CLB is a grant and the big difference between this grant and the regular RESP grants is that no […]

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LinkStuff – Bowling With Kids Edition

by Mike Holman

Over the holidays, my wife and I went bowling with the kids (age 3 & 5). I haven’t bowled in 25 years and all I remember is being in the gutter most of the time. They gave us a lane with rails on it which prevent the ball from going into the gutter. What a […]

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2011 Portfolio Investment Performance – Not Too Bad

by Mike Holman

I like to calculate my investment return each year, so I can see how I am doing. My investment return for 2011 was -1.8%. While this kind of performance won’t secure my retirement any time soon, I was lucky that the numbers weren’t any worse. There were two reasons, I did reasonably well. Low Canadian […]

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2011 Stock Picking Contest Results

by Mike Holman

At the beginning of the year I entered into a stock picking contest with some other bloggers, as I do every year. Once again I decided to short gold which didn’t work out all that well, although it was better than last year. Here are the results: Rank Site YTD Return (%) 1 Dividend Growth […]

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LinkStuff – Happy Holidays Edition

by Mike Holman

I would like to wish all you readers a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Festivusor anything else you want to celebrate in the next little while. 🙂 I’m looking forward to having a bit of time off during which we’ll be visiting family and hopefully getting the little ones out skating. I’ll resume posting at some […]

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LinkStuff – I Am Debt Free Edition

by Mike Holman

After roughly 12 years of being a home owner, we made our last mortgage payment ever which means that we are now debt free! I don’t think our lives will change all that much as we still have some savings goals to deal with – RRSP, TFSA etc which should suck up some cash. Regardless, […]

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Canadian Tire MasterCard Rewards Card – A Strange Duck

by Mike Holman

Michael L has had a Canadian Tire Mastercard for some time. He was under the impression that it paid out one percent in rewards for non-Canadian Tire purchases. After doing some analysis on his Canadian Tire credit card statement, he concludes that his actual rewards are only about 0.86%. Read Michael’s analysis of the CT […]

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LinkStuff – Winter Is Coming Edition

by Mike Holman

It’s getting a lot colder these days – I know because I’m still riding my bike to work and I can feel it! As much as I like commuting on the bike, by this time of year I’m not too disappointed when I have to stop because of snow or ice. Anyone out there into […]

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