Saturday LinkStuff

by Mike Holman

First of all…the weight this morning was 186 pounds which is down two pounds from last week and six pounds from the beginning of the “diet” . Didn’t have a great week with diet but the exercise is going well since I still managed to ride to work four times this week.  Yesterday the high was four degrees Celsius (39 degrees F) but I still rode anyways.

Bought another 75 shares of BMO at $57.70. Now we have 400 shares with an acb of $66.50 in our leveraged portfolio.

I wanted to point out a couple new Canadian blogs which I’ve started reading recently:

Drinkin’ Guinness in the 416 is written by Guinness416 who is a frequent commentator on the Canadian blog scene. She posts about finance and a whole host of other topics. It’s worth a look. Great title.

Fecundity - The author is an early thirties Canuck with a family, mortgage, student loans, baby on the way etc etc – I read through the archives and it looks pretty cool.

MillionDollarJourney hosted the big huge Carnival of Personal Finance event this week and was kind enough to include an article from our First Time Home Buyer series written by Christine entitled “What to buy?”.

A rather interesting post on an Ebay strategy with great comments was posted by Kyle at Rather Be Shopping which is another blog I enjoy reading.

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