Saturday Weigh-In and LinkStuff

by Mike Holman

Weight was 181 pounds which is down 1.5 pounds from last week. I did something to my knee this week so not as much exercise, but I worked on the diet.

Posts of the Week

I read every single post by every single personal financial blogger this week and these posts were the most interesting.

Kyle from the Amateur Asset Allocator wrote a hilarious post about all the things he’s wasted money on. I could have sworn that Mr. Cheap wrote this post since it’s a similar style. I highly recommend checking out this blog because it’s pretty darn good!

Growth In Value wrote a very amusing post about Loblaws. This Canadian grocery store chain used to be pretty dominant but it seems to be running itself to the ground.

Tim from Canadian Dream thinks that parents over do it when raising their kids. I couldn’t agree more.

Ron from the Wisdom Journal told a really great story of how he made some career decisions that he later regretted.

Paid Twice says she will do whatever the hell she wants with with her economic stimulus cheque (or check). I think the idea that Americans *have* to spend this money to help the economy is a bunch of garbage.

Triaging my way to financial success wrote an excellent review of the Derek Foster method and books which I agree with.

Funny About Money discloses the conflict of interest that many home inspectors have – I never thought about this one before.

Brip Blap talked about the good things and the bad things with being a consultant. As someone who is rotting my brain at my normal job, it sounds pretty good to me.


I came across this new carnival and laughed my head off because of the way the host puts down pretty much all the entries except his own. Now this is my kind of carnival!!

The Carnival of Personal Finance was held at MoneyNing this week.

The Money Hacks Carnival was held at Mommy Gets Paid.

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