Saturday Weigh-In and LinkStuff

by Mike Holman

Weight was 179.5 pounds today so no change.


No links this week so I’ll just include the links to carnivals we entered.


A quick word about these carnival links – bloggers enter carnivals to increase exposure to their blog and hopefully get more readers. One of the conditions of entering a carnival is that you have to link back to the host blog, which rewards them by giving them more incoming links which raises their “stature” in the eyes of Google.

In other words, by putting these links, here I’m not recommending them, but rather fulfilling an obligation. That said, if you are looking for new posts and new bloggers, carnivals are one of the best sources for those. The main negative of carnivals is that they don’t really exclude anybody based on quality so not all the posts will be very good. The “editor’s picks” are usually pretty good posts, but if you don’t like the same kind of posts as the host then even those posts might not be interesting to you.

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by Gather Little By Little.

Festival of Frugality was hosted by Kyle at Rather Be Shopping.

Carnival of Money Stories was hosted by The Baglady.

The Carnival of Family Life was hosted by On The Horizon.

The Festival of Stocks was hosted by Value Investing.

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