Saturday Weigh In, Link and Updates

by Mr. Cheap

Once more I’m going to try to make Mike’s claim of no more Saturday posts incorrect :-).  What should we put the odds at that we’ll get a Saturday post out of Mike next weekend?

Weight was 171 this week.  I’m back on program, eating healthy again and seeing the results.  I’m *SUCH* a fan of logging information you’re trying to change (be it spending, saving or weight).  Come to think of it, that might make a good post…

I’m just going to give one link this week, and its from an older post. I just came across an interview on Financial Jungle that I really liked.  It was posted back in January, but I missed it somehow.  Good to see the results of someone who has pursued this strategy over the long term.  Of course, his results are no indication of what ours will be, but encouraging nevertheless.

I always love interviews:  bloggers should do more of them!  (I don’t think I’ve ever done one on this blog either, that’s something I should change).

Adapting to life in Kitchener-Waterloo has been going well.  The sushi here is over-priced and inedible (and the Pad Thai is just minimally better), so there may be regular trips to Toronto in the future.  Mr. Sushi was good when I was here before, but its gone downhill.  I can make sushi, but its A LOT of work.  Probably it’d be worth learning how to make a decent Pad Thai…

I got my funding all sorted out, and it should be enough for me to live off of.  It looks like I’ll be clearing $1418.40 / month (before my condo or dividend income) and spending around $1300 (given my current estimated and recent spending).  Tight, but manageable.

2 months ago I made a prediction that Toronto was in a housing slump and it’d be clear to everyone by today.  Its still uncertain (although I still feel the market is cooling), so I guess I’ll call myself wrong on this count.  Please keep this in mind any time I make predictions in the future :-).  I keep counseling friends and family to hold off buying, so I hope I’m not leading them astray.

I’m bouncing around the idea in my noggin’ of putting together a book about living cheap in the big city.  Mike suggested that there might be interest in expanding on some of my “frugal living” posts (I had previously suggested expanding his RESP series to a book and us writing a book together so this might have just been a suggestion to get me to stop bugging him).  I’d probably set it up as a print on demand book from Lulu or some such site.  One of my life goals is to write and publish a book, and this may be the time and topic to do so.  Any thoughts about what the level of interest might be in such a beast?  Would any regular readers consider ordering it?  Do you think there’d be interest from people who don’t read the blog?  Do you think this is a topic that’s already covered well by existing books?  Which ones?  What topics would you be particularly interested in if you did purchase it?  Would another topic (maybe a romance novel about a frugal man and the women who love him) be of interest instead?

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