Saturday Weight Update + BMO

by Mike Holman

Quick update on the weight situation. I weighed 188 this morning so down a pound this week.

I took Gates’ advice and weighed myself almost everyday. The numbers were so variable however that I think it confirms my belief that frequent measurement is a waste of time. Regardless I’ll try to keep weighing myself at least twice a week.

Beer - Not a great week – on Tuesday night I went out with some friends who were from out of province. Also had a few last night so didn’t exactly abstain this week.

Diet - Generally pretty good (except for Tues night). Another item I reduced is milk. I like drinking a lot of milk and since it’s skim, I had assumed it had very little calories. Last week I checked the milk bag and much to my amazement it turns out that skim (or 0%) milk has 90 calories per cup – ooops! Now I just drink a small amount.

Exercise - I only rode my bike three times to work this week because of the weather. I don’t mind riding if it’s cold or wet but not both. I’ll have to address this issue soon because I think the riding season is getting very near the end. Either I’ll have to start jogging more (but how much?) or possibly join a gym and workout at lunch.

BMO Trading Action – In other news I bought 25 shares of BMO yesterday at $58.25. I have to admit that I’m sorry I wasn’t more patient with my leveraged investing plan purchases this year. I bought 100 shares of BMO back in May for $71 and then another 200 shares at $68.60 shortly after. I’ve read so many times that these types of stocks are best bought on dips but I couldn’t seem to follow that advice.

Even yesterday I bought the 25 shares early in the afternoon thinking I was getting a great deal (and I might have) but then shortly afterwards the stock dropped down to $56.56 where it closed.

But – as Bernstein says – you have to be able to weather the ups and down when investing in equities and you also have to be focused on the long term (which I am) and to welcome poor returns (initially at least) because it provides for good buying opportunities. I do think that BMO is a good buying opportunity at the moment (although it could get better).

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