Some Links For The Weekend

by Mike Holman

I think we are finally seeing some nice weather here in Toronto – spring did come early, but then the cold came which wasn’t a lot of fun. I’m enjoying the hockey playoffs – my Leafs aren’t there but I will be cheering for other Canadian teams such as the Habs (shudder), Sens (shudder) and the Canucks (who I actually like).

Here are some links

Rob Carrick wrote about the rising cost of home insurance and all the lame excuses the insurers come up with.

Ending The Rat Race is thinking that RESPs are not a good deal. I beg to differ.

The Financial Blogger is selling his house and shows some pictures from his home staging efforts. He’s not using an agent to sell so it will be interesting to see how it will turn out.

Canadian Capitalist reviews the book Elements of Investing written by Burt Malkiel (Random Walk down Wall Street) and Charles Ellis (Winning the Loser’s Game).

Million Dollar Journey had a guest post on buying a car at an auction. Some interesting comments.

Mike from the Oblivious Investor (who is obsessed with index investing) has started a new site called IRA reviews.

Do you file your taxes late? The Wisdom Journal says that quite a few people file their taxes late or at the last minute.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog figured out how much water he uses.

Canadian Finance Blog gives us 14 fun and free ways to spend a Friday night. I’m assuming this will be a 7 part series?

Amateur Asset Allocator has three definitions of penny stocks.

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